5 Korean phrases that are easy to learn and sound so cool

5 Korean phrases that are easy to learn and sound so cool

There are hundreds of reasons to learn Korean, but oh boy, Korean is so difficult! No worries - SeoulBox is here to feel your Korean urge with 5 Korean phrases which are easy to learn and sound super cool at the same time.

All of the lessons can be found on SeoulBox's Instagram page @unboxyourseoul. You are always welcome to visit, comment and engage!


1. Spit it out


Have you heard this phrase 😉?
It featured in a very recent release 😍


2. Come here


Here's another cheeky Kpop-inspired term you may be familiar with 😉


3. I'm so embarrassed!


It's K-Drama catchphrase season 😉
Which shows have you heard say this before? 📺💕


4. Do you want to die?


Have you ever heard this phrase in a K-Drama? 🤣


5. Must be crazy


Another phrase to express your embrassment 😲 Does 미쳤나봐 remind you of any K-Drama? 😉🤔 Often used in real life is a plus.

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