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5 Korean phrases that are easy to learn and sound so cool

May 26, 2020

solar spit it out korean lyrics

There are hundreds of reasons to learn Korean, but oh boy, Korean is so difficult! No worries - SeoulBox is here to feel your Korean urge with 5 Korean phrases which are easy to learn and sound super cool at the same time.

All of the lessons can be found on SeoulBox's Instagram page @unboxyourseoul. You are always welcome to visit, comment and engage!


1. Spit it out


Have you heard this phrase 😉?
It featured in a very recent release 😍


2. Come here


Here's another cheeky Kpop-inspired term you may be familiar with 😉


3. I'm so embarrassed!


It's K-Drama catchphrase season 😉
Which shows have you heard say this before? 📺💕


4. Do you want to die?


Have you ever heard this phrase in a K-Drama? 🤣


5. Must be crazy


Another phrase to express your embrassment 😲 Does 미쳤나봐 remind you of any K-Drama? 😉🤔 Often used in real life is a plus.