5 Korean Dramas You'll Love If You Like Horror

5 Korean Dramas You'll Love If You Like Horror

Horror genre may sound scary but have you all known that horror K-dramas are also the best? Binge-watching such kinds of dramas will also give you the goosebumps, excitement, excitement and lessons.


1. The Master's Sun

A woman can see ghosts after a near-death accident and, unfortunately for her, they all know that. They come to her for help at all night hours, and will not leave her alone until she gives in.

This drama is hilarious, sad and has some spectacular jump scares. It really gets creepy and you grow to love some of the ghosts and you're sad to see them go away.


2. Goblin

Goblin, also known in Korean as Dokkaebi, is like being immortal to a ghost. They are cursed spiritual being and it is only by taking on a bride that the way to end the immorality and emotional pain. This drama is about Kim Shin known as Goblin.


3. Kingdom

This tells a tale of a crown prince who becomes involved in a political conspiracy (Ju Ji Hoon). In which he was forced to undertake a mission of inquiry into the spread of a mysterious undead plague which beset their current emperor.


4. Save Me

This is a chronicle of four unemployed young men facing and running to rescue a woman; who is apparently surrounded by suspicious and whispers "save me." It was subsequently revealed that she was trapped in some sort of religious cult.


5. Stranger

Like 'Parasite', this critically acclaimed thriller drama focuses on corruption and serial murders. Its brilliant casting, dark themes, suspense and smart screenplay are what reminds us of Bong Joon Ho's film, and if you're into serious societal problems and the world of lawyers and detectives, it is perfect for you!

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