5 K-Pop Idol's Special Tips for Achieving Glowing Skin

5 K-Pop Idol's Special Tips for Achieving Glowing Skin

K-pop Idols always get the spotlight. Even on close-up fan cams, their skin is glowing. What are their special skincare routines? Let's find out all the secrets of idols' skin care.

1. NCT Jae Hyun 


When he washes his face, wash it well so that there is no cleanser foam left, then wipe your face with toner on a cotton pad, spread a gel-type moisturizing cream, and finish with lip balm.

2. Sunmi 


As she said last year to Vogue Korea, Sunmi keeps her designer handbag stuffed with moisturizing skin care items that she recommends for anyone whose skin feels 'dry inside.' One of her staples, Dr. Jart's Cicapair Cream, is also a beauty editor, thanks to its calming and moisturizing properties.

3. A Pink Son Na Eun


Apink's Son Na-eun, who revealed the secret of glowing skin at Get It Beauty, carries a small container of water cream containing sour butter and applies it frequently, and puts on two packs a day before makeup, before going to bed, and before going to bed.
Also, after the mask pack, it is a special secret lesson learned from her grandmother to raise the skin to a sufficient amount to apply moisturizing cream and massage it.

4. HOTSHOT Ha Sung Woon


Ha Sung-woon, a member of the hot shot who is famous for his tight and glowing skin, once unveiled his skincare tips in detail at an event when he was a cosmetics model.
First, wipe the skin with toner, apply serum and lotion, and then apply moisturizing cream or soothing cream depending on the skin condition.


5. TWICE Da Hyun


TWICE's Dahyun, who is known for her bright and tight skin, revealed on a radio show that she sleeps as much as possible despite her busy schedule, and she does her cleansing thoroughly, but she massage softly during cleansing. She also often uses mask packs to moisturize her skin and aloe for skin trouble.

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