5 Healthy on the Go Korean Snacks

If you are trying to keep up with your new year resolution of eating healthy but love Korean snacks no worries your Seoul buddies have you covered.


1. Ecomom SanGol Organic Rice Snacks


This healthy snack is made with organic rice with no chemicals. This snack only has 3 ingredients that’s all organic which are Rice, apples, and pumpkin seeds.


2. Seaweed 


Seaweed is probably one of the most healthiest snacks you can have. It has everything from  vitamins, fiber, and minerals.


3. Gawaji No.1 Rice Chip 


Gawaji Rice Chip is made up of 2 ingredients brown rice, with a small amount of sea salt that’s baked


4. Ecomom SanGol Honey Chestnut


These snacks are glazed with Korean honey and the chestnuts are the only nuts in the world that contains vitamin C.


5. Nenia Fresh Squeezed Jeju Tangerine 


Another snack with no chemicals, freshly squeezed from Jeju tangerines and immediately poured into juice packs.





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