5 Fun Activities Koreans Do in Chuseok

5 Fun Activities Koreans Do in Chuseok

Known as the Korean Thanksgiving Day, Chuseok is one of the most popular and festive holidays of the year. Koreans usually return to their ancestral hometowns to celebrate with their families, creating one of the biggest traffic jams of the year as people mostly take the road to enter the provinces outside of Seoul. When Chuseok approaches early, remember to spend the time with your loved ones and enjoy some delicious food to capture this Korean holiday's essence.


1. Gifting



Spams and tuna cans are one of the most popular gifts among Koreas during the holiday seasons. No one knows its origins, but you now have an ample stock to make amazing Army Stew and Kimchi Jjigae out of them!



2. Ceremony



In Chuseok evening, Koreans perform a series of ceremonies to the earth gods and anscestors.


3. Making Songpyeon

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- 뒤늦은 바람떡 수업 후기🌸 . 남편과 커플 클래스 신청해주셨다가 남편분이 일이생겨서 혼자 클래스에 오셨어요 (아숩ㅜ) . 같이 했으면 더 알콩달콩 재미난 수업이었겠지만~ 혼자서도 이렇게 예쁘게 완성해주셨답니다!!^^ . 너무 맛있었던 스벅 복숭아쥬스(?)도 감사했어요💗 . 좋은 선물이 되었길 바라겠습니다😀😀 . #떡클래스 #떡수업 #원데이클래스 #커플클래스 #요리클래스 #명절선물 #시댁선물 #상견례선물 #꽃송편 #송편 #꽃송편원데이클래스 #바람떡 #마블바람떡 #바람떡만들기 #바람떡수업 #바람떡원데이 #바람떡클래스 #첫인사선물 #장모님선물 #시어머니선물 #선물추천 #멜로소제이 #melosoj

멜로소제이 떡공방 / 화과자 / 답례떡(@meloso.j)님의 공유 게시물님,



It's a classic rice cake special to Chuseok. Each household has their own receipe to make Songpyeon. The filling varies from sesame past to chestnut jam, but we all share one thing in common - put pine tree leaves at the bottom of the rice cakes when steaming them


4. Ganggang Sullae

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Hello, guys~ today is Chuseok in Korea. It's been a long time to come to ma home town. I wanna let u know about the Chuseok😁. Chuseok in itself means dinner in fall in Chinese characters. By lunar calender, it is the day of the full moon on August. Usually in this season people harvest what they have cultivated. So we celebrate plentiful crops on the full moon day. This picture is about playing Ganggangsulae. It is one of the traditions on Chuseok in korea. By doing this, we wish we could get many crops in the future. Interesting?ㅋㅋThat's what i've got today. Have a nice friday😉 #blogger #life #lifestyle #chuseok #ganggangsulae #seoul #korea #korean #history #koreanhistory #koreanholiday #koreanculture #추석 #강강술래

Univ. of Seoul - Economics🎓(@_jay_1218_)님의 공유 게시물님,



A traditional game played by lots of people - the more the better. Originated from an episode of a battle that saved Korea from Japan, it's a simple play where family and friends hold their hands, make a circle and walk along to sing a song or dance.


5. Chuseok Dishes



There's tons of delicious dishes special to Chuseok - from Japchae to ceremony foods to braised rib stew, family gathers and share the foods together.

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