5 Best Places to Visit in Itaewon

5 Best Places to Visit in Itaewon

1. Leeum Samsung Museum of Art 리움 삼성미술관

The Leeum Samsung Museum of Art is the best choice for enjoying Traditional and Modern artworks by Korean & International Artists. The museum holds an exhibition of a large collection of the Founder, the late Lee Byeong-Cheol, who was once president of the Samsung Group. 

2. Buddha’s Belly 부다스벨리

 In Korea, if you want to taste authentic Thai food. Then this place is a must-visit place. Chefs will customize the level of seasoning according to your suggestion. It is a pocket-friendly restaurant. Buddha’s Belly is a must-try place for a traveler who is a pure vegetarian. The food quality is outstanding as well as its taste.

“Itaewon Class,” a very popular South Korean TV series also led more people to visit it in recent months. Itaewon class is a highly recommended k-drama of 2020 so if you haven't watched it yet go and watch it now.

3. Soap Seoul

Soap Seoul club is unique because of its exceptional layout and design. The ground of the club is in the shape of soap which represents the club name perfectly and curved interior walls are real eye candy. The managers of Soap Seoul Club are popular for their innovative music staff are also very helpful and friendly. Soap Seoul is also recognized for its original & authentic cocktails, including the “BATH-TUB”. The foamy, sweet, and sour cocktail is served in a bathtub-shaped cup. Due to its clear and cool interior, this club is very famous among females.


4. Itaewon Shopping Street 이태원 쇼핑거리

Itaewon Street is the most exciting and exotic place for shopping, hanging out, and dining. There are enormous varieties of shops, entertainment venues, and restaurants for visitors to enjoy. Itaewon is a leader in providing exotic fashion, bars, and clubs in South Korea. For travelers,  Itaewon Streets are heaven as most of the stores are branded with English signs which is helpful for foreigners. Itaewon has become one of South Korea’s top international hubs.


5. Namsan Botanical Garden 남산 야외식물원

n a foreign country in your busy life take out some time and go for a morning or evening walk. A walk through the trails of Namsan Botanical Garden can soothe your turbulent soul. Garden Representing all the rainbow colors with flora and fauna, this park is a package in itself. During the autumn season, the park operates several events which take place under the shadow of the pink and red leaves. In April, the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival takes place. This is the most ideal time for a walk around the cherry blossom path with your partner. Just like a k-Drama scene ;) 
Namsan Tower is visible from the edges of the garden you can also enjoy the aerial view and beauty of this place through the Namsan Cable Car.

Do pen down Itaewon in your list for the next travel destination. Tell us in the comment section below which one is your dream spot!

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