Its finally the weekend , which means it is finally time to relax and unwind. What is a better way to relax than having a weekend long k-movie fest?

** Here’s 5 movies that you can binge this weekend. 

1. Alive

Starting off the list is Alive, a korean zombie horror film starring Yoo Ah-In and Park Shin-Hye. Yoo Ah-In plays the role of a young man who finds himself alone in his apartment when the zombie virus infects the city. As time progresses , you watch as what little resources and what little hope he has slowly dwindles away until he meets Park Shin-Hye. Watching these two actors try to survive and plan out their next moves will grab and hold your attention.

2. The Call

Park Shin-Hye and Jeon Jong-Seo Are the leading roles in this thriller and what a wild ride this was. When I started watching this movie, I thought it was going to go in a certain  direction but it did a complete 180 and turned into a completely different movie. Park Shin-Hye and Jeon Jong-Seo manage to communicate to each other through a phone even though they are living 20 years apart from each other. What starts out as seeming innocent friendship, quickly turns into a cat and mouse game.  

3. Illang: The Wolf Brigade

In the future, North and South Korea are preparing to merge as one, this of course comes with a lot of political unrest. In response, a special police force called The Wolf Brigade is created. If the name of this film sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because this film Is a live action version of an anime called Jin-Roh The Wolf Brigade and has quite a cast. Gang Dong-Won, Han Hyo-Joo, and even Shinee's Choi Min-ho are in this. While this film is filled with action, it does have human elements to it that make it feel more emotional.

4. Svaha: The Sixth Finger

 This is a thriller and mystery film staring Lee Jung-Jae, Lee Jae-Jin, and Park Jung -Min. Lee Jung-Jae portrays Pastor Park, who goes to various religious groups and exposes them as being fraudulent in various such as being pyramid schemes. The film centers around him looking into a new religious group and how his investigation into that group coincides with a murder investigation by the police,  into the same group.

5. Night In Paradise

This is a mobster film starring Uhm Tae-Goo and Jeon Yeo-Bee from Vincenzo. Uhm Tae-Goo takes on the role of a mobster in hiding, following some rather unfortunate events in his life. While in hiding he meets Jeon Yeo-Bee who has her own personal demons that she is dealing with.

I am pretty sure with these worth watching movies, you all are going to have an awesome weekend!!


Author Rian Kinnard

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