Whether you are interested in Korean culture or want to learn the Korean language, you might have thought that having a Korean friend would be nice. But, HOW to make friends when you’re not living in Korea? 

Well, we have good news! Nowadays, several ways exist to meet online or IRL Korean friends no matter where you live. 

There are great apps that you can download to make Korean friends and practice the language, taking the social and learning experience to another level! Here is a list of 5 best apps to find Korean friends.


  • Kakao Talk 


(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

In South Korea, rather than sending texts through SMS, most people use Kakao Talk. It is a Korean messaging and video calling app. On top of free messages and calls, it is also possible to share images, videos, voice messages and location.  

To make new Korean friends, you can go to the Open Chat tab and meet new people. 

Pros: Even though this is a Korean messaging app, you can register from all around the world as you do not need a Korean phone number, an email address is enough! 

Cons: The app being mainly used by South Koreans, if you’re not fluent in the language, it might be complicated to communicate, as they might not be fluent in English either. 

The app is available on IOS and Google Play

Scan the QR code and install:

  •  Meeff 


(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

When looking for Korean friends online, MEEF is one of the first apps that comes to mind. Within the 4 million users of the social app, there is a significant amount of Koreans that would like to make international friends or learn another language.

Similar to how Tinder works, in MEEFF you see someone's profile and swipe left or right. If you match, then you can chat with the person. 


Pros: you can select which languages you would like your friends to talk on the app as well as writing your personal interests so you can meet people that share the same interests as you. 

Cons: You cannot stay “anonymous” as you have to put a real picture of you in order to register an account. 

The app is available on IOS and Google Play

Scan the QR code and install:



  • Meetup


(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

With over 50 million members, Meetup is one of the most known social media apps in the world. It is a social networking portal that is perfect to join groups related to your personal interests and hobbies. To find Korean friends, you should search for communities that are in Korea or have to do with Korean food, culture or any other topics revolving around the country. 


Pros: Meetup lists events happening around you (100,000 events happening everyday!) so the friends you make online could even become your friends IRL.

Cons: The pro can turn out to be a con if you don’t live in Korea. Indeed, Meetup is not a chatting app but rather an app that lists events happening. However, if you can’t join, groups still have discussion boards where you can talk with other members. 

The app is available on IOS and Google Play

Scan the QR code and install:


  • Hellotalk 


(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Sometimes compared to Meeff, Hello Talk is more focused on the language learning aspect. When signing up you have the option to choose the languages that you speak and the ones that you are interested in.

By doing so, it connects people who speak a language fluently with those who want to learn this language and vice versa. 

Pros: You can connect with people from all around the world but if you only want to speak with native Koreans you can also specify your preferences. Additionally, it is possible to send voice messages as well as calling without having to use a third app which can be awesome to develop a friendship.  

Cons: As the app is focusing on the language it can be less easy to make actual friends.  

The app is available on IOS and Google Play

Scan the QR code and install:

Hello talk



(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

Probably the less notorious of this list, SLOWLY is no less one of the most interesting. 

Bringing the traditional pen pal experience with a modern twist, Slowly is a geosocial networking app that allows users to send delayed digital letters to anyone in the world. The mailing time depends on the distance between you and your friend, the further you are from one another, the longer it takes - from a few hours to days. 


(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

On the app, you can find pen pals that share the same passion, culture or language as you.

Pros: if you’re on the shy side this might be the perfect app.  You only need an avatar and a name to get started! 

Cons: The letters are not delivered directly so you can put more thoughts into what you are going to write, however it can also be less spontaneous and sometimes frustrating to have to wait for an answer. 

The app is available on IOS and Google Play

Scan the QR code and install:



You should be careful when talking to new people.

Author: Elisa

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