This might be amusing whinings! 😂

Earlier this year, Bighit, now HYBE moved their building and these artists were seen wittily grumpy about the company's security.


So, who are they and what did they exactly face? Let’s know them!



The power pact rapper and singer recently interviewed TXT in her The Jessi Showterview, wherein she observed the atmosphere was different from the beginning of the episode. 

She revealed that “Compared to SBS, it’s way more serious in here.” And uncovered the time she took to get in, “To enter this room, it took me as long as thirty minutes.”

They not only have strict security but strict rules as well, “Photographs are not allowed!”

Jessi laughingly unveiled that she won’t be able to go there again.  

Joon Park (Former G.O.D leader)

Joon Park (Former G.O.D leader)

Joon was shocked to see HYBE’s corporation as it was so tall & classy.

He shared his excitement in a friendly way as he couldn’t believe it, stating, “BigHit bought that building!?”

Joon and Bang PD are long-time friends, keep that in mind the first-generation rapper chuckled, “Ya~ Sihyuk made a ton of money”.

It turns out he also took a tour of BIG3 a couple of years ago, however, he couldn’t get in back then – the reason being the tight security.

At one point Joon was so tired of filling all the forms and passing hurdles, and more specifically, finding his way that he gleefully uttered “there are so many doors?”

“Super tight security system,” – his funny complaints continued.

“There’s an automatic door switch on the automatic door” – this one comment made by the editor of Wassup Man, made the audience laugh out loud.

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan & DK

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan & DK

The live was deleted as it had a lot of HYBE’s security measures details.

Both these idols have been stuck in the building many times.

Joenghan shared that he always gets trapped in the third gate while DK also joined him stating “To be honest, I also get angry sometimes from that.”

However, the catch was when he declared that if he couldn’t go inside, he would want to go back, but he couldn’t do that either, “The door behind me is locked, so I can’t get out. and if you don’t have your phone, you’re trapped there.”

He thought he had another escape, a person who always has idols’ back – their managers.

Unfortunately for the singer, that didn’t work out either, “The manager tried, but he couldn’t open it… The manager’s card didn’t work.”

Explaining all his situations made DK laughing over the floor.

He lastly made a point, “If I have to wait any longer, I might break it. ‘Please open the door quickly.’”

TXT Yeonjun

TXT Yeonjun

When Bighit changed to Hybe, they also moved buildings. This kind of brought chaos for the artists in terms of finding a way for themselves inside the company.

And many revealed their entertaining stories with the fans.

One such idol was Yeonjun who, according to him used to get lost often.

Back in July, the TXT members were seen on the AskUsAnything chat, wherein the idol claimed, “When I get off the elevator I sometimes go one way and realize ‘Ah, I need to go the other way.’”

The leader, Soobin, agreed to it and remarked that even though they don’t get lost often but, “We know at least we are going in the wrong direction.”

Lee Hyun

Lee Hyun

The singer gave fans the very first glimpse and the actual tour of HYBE’s new building back on March 31, 2021, was also the first one to get lost in the building journey.

He showed the magnificent view of the Han River that could be seen from their huge size entrance.

Later, he took to the grand cafeteria, followed by the fitness center, which was a bit smaller than what he’d expected – said he in his Tour of Bighit’s new HQ building.

However, he along with the viewers were shocked to know that the gym was situated on three different floors.

He showed practice and the media room. Then it was time to show his own room.

Surprisingly, Lee had a hard time looking for him – 30 minutes, it took him this long to find his own space.


Well, sometimes we’re bound to get lost in big places. Talking about security, it’s necessary, as the idols’ safety is mandatory and companies need to look after it – HYBE is doing a great job in it!


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I’d rather 5 complaints than 5 illegal entries! Good job Hybe of keeping idols safe. We remember well the days of death threats. I’m sure it hasn’t ended……


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