Halloween, the scary festival has become increasingly popular in South Korea since the early 2000s.


With the growing cultural diversity in the country, western traditions are gaining reputation and fans within all generations of South Korean citizens, especially youngsters.

The festive which originated in Ireland has spread its wings to the US and Europe in the 1990s and now has become worldwide fame.

While having its origin as a Christian celebration to welcome the darker season, celebrate the harvest in autumn and scare away ghosts and bad spirits with laughter, happiness, and costumes that outperform the spookiness of the shadow creatures, the US tradition includes children strolling their neighborhood.

They will then say "trick or treat" sometimes even performing rhymes they learned by heart to earn sweets or money from their spectator.

  • Brilliant shops to find a costume!

Let’s start with creep costumes, what say?

If you are looking to celebrate a Halloween party by yourself and friends in the safety of your home this year, one necessity is a costume.

In Seoul, you will have no problem finding one since there are over 20 shops that sell costumes all year round. And they also include Halloween sections to fulfill your dress-up dreams.

One of the biggest stores is the "Toy Party store" in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Korean Halloween

(Image source: https://seoulsome.blogspot.com/2011/10/where-to-buy-halloween-stuff-in-korea.html)


Korean costume

(Image Source: http://www.koreatimesus.com/)

  • Scary activities for the jittery festival! 

The Halloween events in Korea, like the Zombie Run Festival and the Escape Horror Circus, both took place for the first time in 2019. Unfortunately, they are not being scheduled in advance due to the unclear situation with the ongoing pandemic this year.

But as a tradition of Halloween in Korea, we still want you to know about them in case they come back next year.

Halloween Culture

The Zombie Run festival originated in the US and divides participants into two groups. Professional performers and scare actors are being dressed up as Zombies, which the second group, the survivors have to run away from.

Fans of the thrill were able to book tickets for the 60-minute long run that stretched for 3km, starting at Lotte World Tower and went on through the streets of Seoul.

Halloween Party in south korea

Image source for both: https://www.trazy.com/experience/detail/zombie-run-seoul-ticket

  • When horror & music combine to give birth to eerie grooviness! 

Those who want to combine music and freakiness visited the "Escape Horror Circus Korea" festival in 2019. This event originated in Southern California, US, and was held by "Insomniac" at Seoul Grand Park, Gwacheon Si.

Multiple stages with music acts from internationally known artists like the DJ Marshmallow and tents with acts from fortune-tellers, magicians, contortionists, and scare actors made Halloween dreams come true.

We hope that those immaculate events will take place in the future again.

Music Festival in Korea during halloween

Image source https://kr.escapehalloween.com/en/

  • Beautiful Cafes give Halloween vibe! 

While Halloween isn’t a national holiday in Korea like in the United States, you will still find cafés being graced with spooky decor, which you can even visit on the 31st itself.

Also, the shops, cafés, restaurants, and stores are open during their regular business hours.

If you're in and around Seoul definitely check out the Monster cupcake café in Gyeongnidan.

They serve artsy delicacies in the style of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" bringing the ghostly feeling right to your plate – giving the perfect vibe of Halloween.

If you decide to stay inside this year, make sure to treat yourself to the Snacks from our SeoulBox Signature or SeoulBox V. These all are themed in our favorite skittish season.

Halloween treats

Get the frighteningly adorable hot & cold drinks in Starbucks Korea!

Halloween in Korea

You sure would enjoy this trick-or-treat festival by dressing as horrifying as possible, meeting up with friends, and having a scary blast.

But how about getting yourself cute cups and maybe hot drinks in them? Starbucks shines during Halloween in Korea.

From those cutesy mugs to freaky festival special-made drinks, they own the beauty game. Look at those matte cups and costumed beverages.

And, icing on the top? Enter the “spooky15” code to get yourself 15% off on it! 

Halloween Seoulbox

If you go out trick or treating remember to stay safe but quite insane, and unearthly!  

Have you experienced the Halloween culture in Korea? Let us know your stories too!


Author - Kris.


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