8 Female-empowerment Kpop songs

Even though Kpop is full of amazing talents, there are stars who are too underrated to miss out. These girl bands will open your eyes and give you unique insights on the world of Kpop.


1. Miss A - Hush


They know they'll live well without a guy


2. Hwasa - Twit

A clever twist of the typical gender role streotype


3. Girl's Day - Female President

An ambitious dream every girl would have in her heart


4. Ailee - I'll Show You

After breakup, instead of being frustrated she's decided to show the world she's living perfectly fine


5. No - CLC

Girls' saying no to any corset - like red lip, hand bag, and high hills


6. Wannabe - Itzy

Do what you want, be what you be, instead of restraining yourself to someone else's ideal


7. Egoistic - Mamamoo

She'll dump him if he's acting like a dxxk!


8. Uh-oh - (G)I-Dle

Strong, independent women full of sass


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