3 Delicious Drinks for a Flawless Face

3 Delicious Drinks for a Flawless Face

We all know that you gotta stay hydrated to keep your skin healthy, but sometimes water just doesn’t cut it. So, here is a list of some tasteful alternatives!

1. Coconut water

The perfect refreshment to keep you cool on a scorching Summer day! 

Coconut water is a naturally-forming liquid which can be found inside young, green coconuts, and contains an extremely high percentage of water (over 90% to be exact) with next to no fat. It’s loaded with vitamin C which can help to form collagen, keep skin firm, decrease skin wrinkling, and reduce acne. Another added benefit is that the potassium found inside coconut water can help to alleviate bloating. Coconut water also contains other healthy nutrients such as carbohydrates and sodium.

2. Green tea

Sorry people, but caffeine ain’t yo’ friend.

As much as many of us love a good kick to wake us up, that little cup of heaven isn’t helping our skin. Caffeine is a dehydrator, which as you can probably guess, dehydrates both our bodies and skin. In addition, studies suggest that it can increase risk of breakouts and make acne worse–this is due to the heightened stress response and stress hormones in our bodies.

Try switching to green tea instead. Green tea contains a bunch of B2 vitamin which can generally help to keep your skin healthy, but it can also prevent signs of aging and keep skin looking firm. The vitamin E found in green tea is an antioxidant which also makes it a super skin booster!

3. Cucumber juice

The human adult body is 60% water, so basically we’re all cucumbers..

Cucumbers are 98% water which means they’re insanely hydrating! They can help to soothe skin and maintain a flawless complexion, as well as help our bodies to flush out toxins. Not only that, but cucumbers are rich in antioxidants and packed full of minerals and vitamins–such as vitamin B-5.

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