Sometimes we can be demotivated, especially during this pandemic crisis.  What’s best to compensate for that? Listening to badass Kpop songs for sure!

Badass K-pop songs

What else than feeling like you’re going to rule the world will help you achieve your goals? Because everybody is almost back to school or back to work, it’s time to be ready and not feel depressed because you will miss the holidays after the first week only.

What’s even better than listening to badass songs? Listening to Kpop badass songs of course !!! This is why we created a playlist on our Spotify with only badass Kpop songs. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3E2ynvYPaBMblaEuMIF5fM

Even though not every Kpop song has an empowering message that you are yourself, its beats, rhythm, and fun lyrics will ultimately get you through the day.

The songs aren’t ranked from the best to less good or less good to best, it’s our favorite badass songs.

This Kpop playlist makes you feel like a badass and a royalty - King, Queen, Princess - whatever you want! I've searched YouTube far, far away, and found a collection of songs that will guarantee you'll feel incredibly confident and claim your badass royalty.

Even though not every Kpop song has an empowering message that you are yourself, its beats, rhythm, and fun lyrics will ultimately get you through the day.

So here are your Kpop songs that get your inner badass Seoul unleashed:

1. Room Shaker - Ailee

"Room Shaker" is from the second album of Ailee's butterFLY, released in 2019. This album is literally flooded with the bad girl vibe!


 2. Regular - NCT 127

It is a part of the boy band's first studio album Regular-Irregular which was released in 2018. Bang!


3. Roll Deep - Hyuna

Not only will you feel sexy listening to this song, but you'll be getting "Roll Deep" into a badass mode that you won't let anyone touch you!


4. Hello Bitches - CL

Another terrific sexy, badass track! This one is more in your face, and its listeners are unapologetic. Specifically the song title. So if you're giving zero Fs about people and what they're thinking about you, play this song when you get in the room.

5. Mommae - Jay Park

"Mommae" is a part of Jay Park's 2015 released album Mommae. Though an oldie, when it comes to hype playlists or party playlists it's still a thing.

6. I Am The Best - 2NE1

"I Am The Best" is their crowning jewel: a badass proclamation of self-confidence featuring girls covered in leather and spikes, literally smashing records— as if they were K-pop royalty! The song was featured years after its release on American TV shows and commercials proving that this hit never gets old.

7. Huh - 4Minute

And we're back to the powerhouse, the platform of music. Let's listen to a 4-minute classic song while you chant "I'm on top now!"

8. Shoot Out - Monsta X

"Shoot Out" is part of the Korean boy ban's second album. Meet the monsters in a sexy army uniform. It will make you feel like a complete badass.

9. Unpretty Dreams

Unpretty Dreams is one of Jessi's singles alongside other contestants from the Unpretty Rapstars Season 1 Compilation. Jessi and Rapper Gray write the record.

10. Fire - BTS

How can we miss this song when talking about a badass playlist? It's a song released by South Korean boy group BTS for their first compilation album, The Most Beautiful Moment In Life: Young Forever (2016).

11. Odd Eye – Dreamcatcher

Odd Eye is one of the most popular songs of Dreamcatcher. It’s from the album Dystopia: Road to Utopia. In her song, the idea is to face and fight against utopia and lies to be more strong and bright.

In terms of views, it is only 3M away from Boca, released a year ago.

12. How you Like that – Blackpink

Let’s talk about real things right now. We couldn’t create a Kpop badass playlist without mentioning Blackpink! They are clearly claiming freedom and power. Plus their “bitchy” look makes you feel even more powerful against others.

13.I’m not cool – Huyna

In the same idea, we can add another song by Huyna! What about feeling chic, rich, greedy and dancing on a great beat that emphasizes your strength? Go ahead and shout “I’m not cool”, perfect as well to make you gain confidence in bad days. 

14. Cherry bomb – NCT127

What to add to that? It’s about a cherry bomb exploding and you don’t when. Go ahead and use this energy not to explode but to move on and to do great things.  And remember to sing out loud: “I’m the biggest hit on this stage”

15. Crazy – 4MINUTE

What’s better than a song with a monster woman who says she’s crazy. It’s time to learn to be one with our inner monster and show our inner-badass. This Kpop song is surely perfect for it. From New York to Tokyo, you have no excuse to not be badass!

16. So What – Loona

I’m quite not sure what to add to that! You want to be badass or just bad and so what?!

17. Kill this love – BlackPink

Don’t be too sentimental, crying never helps, the key is to use this sadness and sorrow to surpass yourself and to be even more proud of you. Also, little advice, sometimes love isn’t the key to everything and characters don’t always match or can be toxic together. There’s nothing wrong to stop it and the worst will be behind both of you.

18. Dun Dun – Everglow

Something remarkable with Dun Dun and Kill this Love for example is that the beat hits everything and is sufficient with all of the “nanana”.

19. God’s Menu – Stray Kids

Everything is said only in the title. God’s menu, it’s only what you deserve.

The funny thing to say is that it’s probably the most Kpop badass song about cooking ever. I mean if you understand the lyrics or if you translate them you’ll see!

20. Boomerang – Wanna One

Boomerang is perfect for bad boys and bad girls. It’s time to let everything explode around you.  Creating a little “Boom Boom” doesn’t hurt most of the time.

21. Dynamite – BTS

Even though this song is probably the most cheerful and has fewer beats and bad or strong vibes, I feel it still gives you to move and be badass but in a more joyful way.

Plus, it’s about being crazy from the soul. Instead of being someone who may be rebellious or aggressive, you will be more of a cool and uncompromising person which are still two big aspects to be a badass.


When we think of a Kpop badass song we usually think of rock, pop and sexy. But about a mix of everything a little bit of soul? You definitely get FEVER after that. Get groovy, get some fever and show your power to everyone!

23. DDaeng – BTS

Let’s go back to something more aggressive and strong to be badass! Ddaeng has the beats and the name to make you want to be the king or the queen, make your law. Brr Brr Ddaeng!

24. Fantasia – Monsta X

For the 24th song, we have a beautiful cocktail of madness to finish this Kpop badass playlist. From the words chosen to the beats, we can feel ourselves being impregnated by this.

25. Not Today – BTS

We couldn’t end this list of badass Kpop songs without adding another song of BTS. For the last BTS song, we thought that Not Today was the perfect one! From the melody to the beats, to the lyrics. If you were not sure you wanted to fight for things and to be badass here we are. Go fight, go fight today!


If you have other badass Kpop songs you would like to add to the playlist, comment on them below and we will add them! 😊


Author - Camille

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