The Japan Gold Disc Awards 2022 Winners!

The Japan Gold Disc Awards 2022 Winners!


K-pop groups that won at the Japan Gold Disc Awards, let’s read which Korean groups took the awards home!

On 14th March 2022, the Recording Industry of Japan (RIAJ) released the official list of winners of the 36th Japan Gold Disc Awards.

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BTS amazingly bagged a complete of ten awards this year, making them the primary foreign artist in history to try to do so during a single year.

Besides, taking home the Artist of the Year (Asia) for the 4th consecutive year, the seven also earned Album of the Year (Asia) for their latest Japanese collection album "BTS, THE BEST" and the Music Video of the Year (Asia) for "Map of the Soul ON:E".


In their appreciation speech for Artist of the Year, BTS said:

"We have won the 'Best Asian Artist' award for the 4th consecutive year and we are deeply grateful to ARMY who have always sent plenty of affection, which allows us to receive such an honorable award, we will still do our greatest to grant warm feelings to everyone's hearts with good music."

The "Butter" singers also thanked the staff of Big Hit Music and HYBE, including the producer and founder Bang Si Hyuk.

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BTS also won one in all the simplest three Albums (Asia) awards at the 36th Japan Gold Disc Awards, together with two other K-pop artists.

The BTS group’s collab song with Coldplay - “My Universe” was awarded the song of the year by Download (Western), while their song “Butter” which was a mega-hit earned the awards for two, Song of the year by Streaming (Asia) and Song of the Year by Download (Asia).

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Additionally, their track was awarded by Download awards for the most 5 Download Songs. Two of their songs “Permission to Dance” and “Butter” were each awarded by Streaming Awards (along with Japanese and Western Songs) for this year’s Best 5 Songs by Streaming.

2022 Japan Gold Disc Awards Winners: ENHYPEN, TXT, SEVENTEEN, ITZY, TREASURE earned recognition:

The two other Best 3 Albums (Asia) awards got to SEVENTEEN's "Attacca" and TXT's "Chaotic Wonderland".

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In response to the current music award, SEVENTEEN said:

"We are honored to own such a tremendous award for this work, and we are very grateful to everyone who loves SEVENTEEN's music, including CARAT".

"This work 'Attacca' is unforgettable for us, SEVENTEEN, who constantly be prepared, many thanks from CARAT. We are going to still strive to fulfill everyone's expectations with music this year, 2022. thanks very much!"

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In the meantime, the “New Artist of the Year” award was earned by ENHYPEN. together with ITZY and TREASURE, they also won the award of 1 of the most effective 2 New Artists (Asia), all of them had just made their official debut in Japan in 2021.

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ENHYPEN commented:

"We're really honored to be ready to achieve the double crown, due to ENGENE who always sends us warm cheers. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve such good results".

"We are thankful to you for giving us such a beautiful award of 'New Artist of the Year' and 'Best 3 New Artists.' we'll do our greatest to indicate to you the way we've grown so we will return your love. Thank you!"

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