15 romantic things you can do in Seoul

15 romantic things you can do in Seoul

Seoul has a lot of things to offer and places to visit for locals and visitors, and if you are the romantic type of person, here are 15 romantic things you can do in the city with your plus one.

Enjoy a panoramic view of Seoul at the Namsan Tower 

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The Namsan Tower is one of the most visited sites in South Korea. Located on top of the Namsan Mountain, it offers a panoramic and romantic view of Seoul.  Since 1980, it has been a popular date location, especially for young people. Along the fences on the ground of the tower,  people have been leaving thousands and thousands of padlocks to symbolize their love. 

The N Seoul Tower is also appreciated in K-dramas and even western movies! It was featured in dramas like Legend of The Blue Sea, True Beauty, Now we are Breaking Up and the American movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Take a walk in the Seokchon Lake Park

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Situated close to Seoul’s tallest building, the Lotte World Tower, Seokchon Lake is loved by Seoulites for its beautiful scenery.

The lake is bordered by green spaces and walkways, making it perfect to enjoy a calm and relaxing date. During the spring, it offers a breathtaking view thanks to the cherry blossoms. 

Board on a Han River cruise 

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Cruising on the Han River is one of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful views Seoul has to offer. During the morning, afternoon and evening it is possible to take a break from the Korean capital’s busy atmosphere and enjoy a peaceful time.

It is also possible to book a romantic dinner as well as fireworks to make this date truly unforgettable. 

Rent a bike at Yeouido Park 

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For only a few dollars, it is possible to rent a tandem bicycle to ride along the Han River, appreciating the view of the city and the river. You can also pack a picnic or buy some food from the many convenience stores and restaurants boarding the river.   

Take a day trip to Nami Island

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At less than 2 hours from Seoul, Nami Island is the perfect day trip date. 

Man-made, the island was formed in 1944 and has become over the years one of the most touristic attractions of Korea. The Naminara Republic aims at being a magical, fairy-tale place where visitors can experience a unique escapade. 

The half-moon-shaped island overflows with greenery and offers singular activities including a zip-line and boat trips.  

Lotte World Adventure 

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As one of the world’s largest amusement parks, the Lotte World Adventure has become a popular date location for Korean couples. The amusement park is filled with thrilling rides (isn’t it the perfect excuse to hold hands?), colorful parades, festivals and an ice rink, promising an exciting and lovely day date. 

The park’s attractions range from scary rollercoaster rides like the Atlantis to more family-friendly options like the carousel.

If you are not a fan of amusement rides in general, the park also includes an aquarium and a Folk museum.

Take fun photos at the Trick Eye Museum 

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Situated in the popular Seoul district, Hongdae, The Trick Eye Museum showcases a gallery of 2-D artwork that delivers a 3-D illusion. It is possible to interact with the artwork as well as take amusing pictures that will surely lead to a good laugh.

The Trick Eye Museum also has a Love section, reserved for adults only, making it perfect to enjoy a fun and cute moment.  

Explore Ihwa Mural Village 

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Located close to Hyewha station (line 4), is the perfect place to just wander around, take cute photos and enjoy a nice view of the city. The mural village is covered with colorful artwork painted by artists from all around the world.  I

t is also close to the Seoul Fortress as well as Naksan Park which are also perfect to stroll around. 

The best part? It’s free! 

Bring a picnic to Seoul Forest 

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Originally the royal hunting ground during the Joseon period, Seoul forest is now a large multi-purpose park divided into 5 areas: an Ecological Forest, a Wetlands Ecological Field, a Cultural Art Park, a Nature Experience Study Field and finally the Han River Waterside Park.

No need to say that you will never run out of good spots to spend time with your significant other. The park is also home to animals such as ducks, deer and squirrels. 

Pack a picnic lunch and appreciate the natural environment around you, especially during fall with the red colors and spring with the cherry blossoms. 

Get amazed by a water show at the Banpo Bridge 

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Connecting the Seocho and Yongsan districts, the Banpo Bridge is probably the most iconic among Han River’s 27 bridges. Featuring a rainbow fountain with 380 water jets that can move in time to music, the bridge features breathtaking shows of music, water and lights during the day and night. Each show lasts 20 minutes. 

The fountain is active from April to October.

In addition, the Banpo Hangang Park hosts every Saturday from May to October the "Moonlight Square Cultural Weekend" featuring a variety of musical styles such as jazz, classical music and brass bands, perfect to make your date last longer. 

Share a cake at a Themed Cafe 

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Seoul is well known for its themed cafes, each one cuter than the other. From animal cafés, Hanok cafes, cartoon cafés, secret cafes, you’ll surely find one fitting your and your date’s taste. 

Relax at the Starfield Library 

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If you’re looking for a more chill setting, the Starfield Library is the perfect spot! Located in the Coex Mall, Gangnam district, the library features 13-meter tall bookshelves and a peaceful atmosphere.

With more than 50,000 books of various genres and more than 500 magazines, the unusual book room welcomes visitors seeking to read and relax.  

Sing a love song at a Korean Norebang 

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Karaoke (노래방) is a must when coming to Korea! 

They usually have a great song selection of Korean but also English songs. If you don’t know your date that well yet this can be a great way to break the ice and bond over music.

In most Korean karaokes it is also possible to order food and soju to make this moment even more appealing. To mark the occasion you can go to a fancy Norebang with a disco ball and tambourines. 

See an exhibition at the DDP

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Designed by world-renowned architect Zaha Hadid, the DDP-for both Dongdaemun Design Plaza and Dream, Design and Play- is an ultramodern building that leaves no place for boredom.

The cultural hub hosts various exhibitions, fashion shows, markets, forums and other domestic or international events. Additionally there is a regular night market so you could take your partner for both a day and night date. 

Walk along the Cheonggyecheon Stream 

Restored in 2005, the Cheonggyecheon Stream is located at the heart of Seoul.

The 11-kilometer walking path passes close to many tourist attractions like the Gyeongbokgung Palace, Jongmyo Shrine and Gwangjang Market. The scenery is particularly beautiful at night when lantern festivals are held.

If you have the opportunity to visit Seoul or you already live there, this 15 romantic things are a must to do with your soulmate!

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