9 Things to Do That Will Make You Excited in Jeju

9 Things to Do That Will Make You Excited in Jeju

If you know South Korea then we are sure you definitely know Jeju island. It takes only an hour and a half to fly from the capital city Seoul to South Korea’s resort island, Jeju Island or Jeju.
Jeju is South Korea’s one of the most famous holiday destinations when people get tired of living in busy cities they wanna escape to nature and when it comes to nature Jeju has it all. 
With plenty of unique attractions and breathtaking natural phenomena, composing Jeju the most desirable place to enjoy peace also the island gives waterfalls, pristine beaches, lava tube caves, oreums (volcanic cones), and many more remarkable natural wonders that should surely stay in your bucket list-worthy.

So if you are planning to visit Jeju the don’t forget to experience these most important activities:


1. Scuba Diving at Aqua Planet Jeju

Jeju is all about water and nature so water sports are really famous here. If you like water then nothing could be better than experiencing Scuba Diving.


2. Tandem Kiteboarding (Kitesurfing)

Adventure is everywhere in Jeju so do give a try kiteboarding on your next visit.


3. Kayak Fishing in Northeastern Jeju

Jeju offers fishing activities as well. Just like our Jin (BTS) call your inner fisher and catch some good fishes.


4. Grande Bleu Yacht Tour in Jeju Island

Experience the beautiful view of the ocean from your superb luxury Yacht


Jeju Udo Island Submarine

Adventure lovers bring out your daring personality and experience a Submarine life while you are here in Jeju.


Deep-Sea Boat Fishing near Chagwido Island

We already mentioned Jeju is the perfect place to catch fishes so if you get bored while fishing on the shore grab a Deep sea fishing boat and catch more fishes from the bottom of the sea.


Aqua Planet Jeju

Make sure you visit the home of 50k aqua animals. Aqua Planet is an aquarium that focuses on emphasizing saving marine lives.


Hang-gliding in Jeju Island

Okay so if you want to have some thrilling experience not in the water but in the sky of Jeju island then Hang-gliding is the best option.


Horse Riding on Jeju Island’s Beach

Nothing could be more thrilling and exciting than experiencing horse riding. Also, there is an old saying in Korea “ Human’s Should Be Sent To Hanyang (Seoul’s old name) And Horse To Jeju”


That’s all to now but promise us whenever you visit Jeju make sure you enjoy it to the fullest!

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