10 Interesting Korean Games You Can Play with Your Friends This Festive Season!

10 Interesting Korean Games You Can Play with Your Friends This Festive Season!

Hello guys, I hope you are all getting prepared for the upcoming holidays, it’s a great opportunity have share some time with our loved ones. If you are wanting to do something different this time around, hopefully I can help you with some Korean games to play this season.

As we know, Korea has a strong gaming culture having one of the best eSports gamers known worldwide. On their gaming culture you can see them playing online games on PC, mobile phones, and consoles, to offline games like arcades, and card games.


But not all games are related to technology, Koreas has quite a variety of traditional games that are played, and can be classified as followed.

Indoor Games

They are simple and does not require to have a lot of materials to play them.

Cham! Cham! Cham!

I am sure we have all seen this game on several Korean shows, the goal of the game is making your opponent face the same direction you want them to.

Two players will face each other and begin to play a round of Gawi-Bawi-Bo (Rock-Paper-Scissors), the winner needs to shout three times Cham! (Hence the name) and on the last one he must point with his hand on a direction and the loser need to move his head in the opposite direction

If the winner of Gawi-Bawi-Bo makes the loser move his head in the same direction then he wins, if not, the losing side wins, and takes the turn.


Palm Push Game

Consist of pushing your opponent until he loses their balance. Two players need to stand in front of each other, with their hands up and feet together. Once they are in position, they should try to push each other with the hands. Each player can try to deceive their opponent by teasing, ducking or fake pushing.


Slap Game

As seen recently on Netflix hit Squid Game, Slap Game is played with two colorful Ddakji which essentially are two pieces of paper folded together onto a squared like shape. The goal of the game is to flip the opponents Ddakji hitting it with the other one and gather as many as you can.




Known worldwide, translated in English as Rock-Paper-Scissors the goal is to beat your opponent by choosing one of the options (Rock beats Scissors, Paper beats Rock, and Scissors beats Paper) and usually wins the player who wins two of three rounds.


Muk Jji Ppa

An upgraded version of Rock-Paper-Scissors, both players begin playing three rounds of Gawi-Bawi-Bo and whoever wins gets to be an attacker for next round, which transforms into Muk Jji Ppa and his goal is to make their opponent throw the same hand as them, in case he fails, then the defender wins.


Outdoor Games


A game that tests your physical endurance, each player must stand in one leg and grab their ankle, once each one of the players is in position, they hop and use their leg to make the other player lose their balance, the first to fall or place both feet in the ground loses.


Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light is a Korean children’s game were someone stands against a wall and closes their eyes; this person begins to call colors at their discretion, and it is when players can run and stop, the goal is to arrive to the tagger, if not you will be captured by him.



Another worldwide know game and mostly played by all of us when we were children, the game goal is to hit your opponent’s marbles by throwing yours from a distance, and the player with the most marbles at the end win. This is just one of the variations you can play, there are a lot more you can try.


Squid Game

The game is commonly played on sand where you need to draw a shape like squid and can be played with several players.


It consists of two teams, one attacking and the other one defending; the defending team are entitled to stop the attacking team which are handicapped to only move by hopping in one leg, to prevent them from reaching the home square. If they failed to stop them, the attacking team wins!


Top Spinning

Easily played among several people, in this game a player spins a wooden top, usually on ice or on the ground and the goal is that your top spins for the longest time, to do so you are allowed to use a stick to hit it a keep it spinning.


In this season where we all want a quality time with friends and family, playing some of these popular Korean games which does not require nothing fancy to play, can become a great opportunity to leave aside for a moment technology and have a great bonding time with the people we cherish the most.

You can also enjoy some Korean snacks as accompaniment for the games.


With all things that have been going around in the world lately, what a better way to keep family together by doing something different which can all enjoy no matter their age.

From me and the SeoulBox family, we wish you a Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

Let us know in the comments how you and your family usually celebrate this season!

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