7 Interesting Facts about South Korea

7 Interesting Facts about South Korea

Are You Aware of these Interesting facts about South Korea? 

1. Age is Not A Factor 

South Koreans are one year older in age than the normal international age. This is because Koreans consider the 9 months in the womb almost one year, so when the baby is born, it is already one year old.

2. Piggy Dreams 

Koreans symbolize pigs with money. So if you dream about pigs, it is believed to apparently bring you good fortune. So “piggy dreams” is the new “sweet dreams”.

3. Blood Type Fascination 

Koreans are very intrigued by the blood type of a person.
They generally associate it with the character or personality of the person. 


4. Worlds Fastest Wifi: 

South Korea has free and fastest wifi almost everywhere even on remote islands. Now you know where to stream Netflix!


5. 4 Oscars in a row: 

Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite was the first-ever South Korean movie to be nominated for the Oscars. Even they won all four Oscars - for the category of Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and International Feature Film.

It is the first foreign film to which win the Oscars - Best Picture, in the history of Oscars. Nothing could make us feel much prouder than this!


6. Compulsory Military Enlistment

Did you know that serving the military for at least 21 months is mandatory for all Korean Males? Not even famous celebs are exempted but only in very few cases they can be exempted or postponed. Thankfully BTS Jin is saved for a year. If you are an ARMY then you are must aware of the fact. Comment down below and let us know!

7. Different Love Days for Males and Females 

    Valentine’s day in Korea is celebrated only for men. Yes, you read it to right. While after a month, on 14th March, it is White Day which is for women. 


     Hope you enjoyed reading these interesting facts. 

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