The Dating Diaries Korea: WIFE? WARNING! 

The Dating Diaries Korea: WIFE? WARNING! 


*Disclosure: The writer of these experiences does not appear in any of the images below.

If you didn't have enough drama from the last blog about the boy with a girlfriend, here's another one… and this time, we upgraded the level! 

From my experience with this boy in her long-time relationship, I started asking questions immediately. Honestly, being asked if you have a partner in minute 0 of our first conversations can be a little harsh, but, I don't care. 

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I matched with a nice boy on Tinder, we talked, and before getting to the point of meeting in person, I asked the holy question: "Sorry to ask that, but do you have a girlfriend? I have had some bad experiences, and I don't want to be fooled". His answer was short and straight: "No! Sure I don't". 

There, I took a deep breath and thought, okay, this boy is worth it then. We were in the stage where friendship was also a good option for both of us, so there was no pressure. 

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We kept on talking without meeting in person, we both had hectic schedules, and it wasn't easy to find the right moment. Now, seeing it with more perspective, I can guess why he couldn't meet! 

But yeah, going back to the point, we were chatting one day when he went out for a drink. I was home lying in bed, and I could tell he had drunk more shots than he should have. Our conversation became very serious for a second and, without previous advice, he said: "I have to confess something"

When I read that word, I panic, and with reason! He added, "I'm Christian; I follow my religion very strictly. I would like to go to church someday with you". I don't follow any religion, but I respect all of them, so I said in the most subtle way I could: "I'm not Christian, and I don't either follow any religion, but if you want, I can come one day"

His answer was something I could never imagine off; he said: "That would be lovely, this way you can meet my wife"

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Exactly, you read that right. He said I could meet his WIFE! At that point, I was laughing about the whole situation; nothing made sense in my mind! 

I stopped texting him for the rest of the night; I wanted a good explanation the following day when his drunkenness was gone! 

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

The answer from the next day wasn't better. He repeated the same things he said while drunk, so… at that point, I said goodbye and good luck with good manners. Ngl, inside my mind, a lot of curse words were popping, but I behaved!



Author: L.S

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