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*Disclosure: The writer of these experiences does not appear in any of the images below.

This time the story starts a bit different… I was chilling at home on a Sunday night when suddenly, my friend called me. 

I knew she had a date that same day, but I got a bit worried when she called me. They were supposed to meet next to Hongik University Station, Exit 3, at 8 pm, but it was 8:30 pm, and the boy didn't show up.

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She was worried the boy might just ghost her (because yes, these things happened in real life and more often than they should in Korea!). I tried to calm her down by saying I could go out with her! That's an excellent way to keep the mind busy! 

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I was about to leave home when she called me back saying the boy had just arrived and they were going to go out for a beer. I relaxed a bit but, she asked me to go there too, she wasn't sure about what was going on since he didn't give any excuse on why he was so late and didn't reply to any message. 

If you go to a bar here in Korea, you will see either group of friends or couples having a date, so for me going there by myself was a bit strange. My solution? I called one boy I was talking with to come to help me spy on my friend's date from afar. He immediately said yes! 

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We met outside the station exit and went to the same bar my friend was at. I was shocked at how handsome the boy I was meeting was. We talked for about three weeks but never met in person (you know some people are amazing catfishes), so I didn't know what to expect. But wow! 

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Our date was good; we just talked, drank, and ate pizza while I kept on checking on my friend. It seemed they were having an excellent time together, so everyone was happy! 

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They left for Karaoke, and my date stayed for a bit longer chatting; we had such a great time that he asked me if I knew some clubs around Hongdae. He lives on the outskirts of Seoul, so he barely hangs out in that zone. Of course, I knew places, so we went to one of my favorite clubs, Sabotage (warning: it looks like a dirty, dark, and scary place! But it is incredible!). 

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We spent some hours hanging out there, having fun but suddenly, my friend called me back. There everything stopped for me; I started to get worried and went out to properly talk with her. She told the boy she was with was being "too much".

After their karaoke session, she wanted to leave home, but the boy didn't let her. Not in the wrong way, but he kept proposing things to do even though she said no. It reached a point I had to put myself on the phone with the boy and pretend I was sick, so he understood I needed my friend to come and take me home. 

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After maybe 1 hour, he understood it and left my friend alone. She went straight home and closed the door. We were always talking on the phone, so I was sure she was safe! (The boy was non-dangerous; he only wanted not to be alone! haha) 

And… if you're wondering what happened with my date, he stayed with me all the time and helped us deal with the other boy on the phone! I think he was so shocked by the whole situation that he wanted to repeat it! We met a few more times, but he had to leave for another city to work, so our communication weakened. Let's see if he ever returns to Seoul, and we can go back to Sabotage; I can tell he loved it!

(Image: Credits to the rightful owner)

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