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Since her solo debut, Lisa had accomplished some great milestones on the way, making her album a total success and most recently reaching BTS Suga’s mark.

Lisa debuted as a solo artist in 2021 with her album 'LALISA', making two of her song go viral and trending everywhere. ‘MONEY’ with 392 million views, and ‘LALISA’ with 397 million views on YouTube.



We are now beginning a new year, 2022, and Lisa recently got a new accomplishment on the music streaming service Spotify.

Her album reached and surpassed Agust D’s ‘D-2’ as the most streamed K-pop soloist album in Spotify’s history.



Blinks all over the world are full of joy, celebrating and showing their support for this new accomplishment of their idol by using the hashtag #CongratsSoloistLisa









It’s amazing how she has managed to break language barriers all around the world and in a way united all of us! Let’s keep celebrating with her!

Author: Aldo

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