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Tempest, who is set to debut under Yue Hua Entertainment consists of seven boys who were exposed to the industry long before. 

The group is set to debut in late February as they announced by revealing their promotion schedule on their Twitter account. 



Before the announcement was made, these boys covered songs from various artists in a performance video that was featured on their YouTube page

My personal favorite would be their 'Smooth Criminal' cover! 

However, the boys also covered K-pop's biggest hits from boybands such as NCT and Seventeen

You can watch their videos here:

NCT127 - 영웅(英雄; Kick It)


The group has seven members and were revealed in sequence, here are the TEMPEST members:



He was the first member to be revealed on their social media account and is also a former contestant on the show Produce 101 S2. 

In 2017, Euiwoong debuted with Hyeongseop as a duo and released their debut single “It Will Be Good”




He is said to be the maknae of the group as he is born in the year 2002. Fans say he looks like Lee Know from stray kids, can you see the resemblance?




Hwarang was previously a trainee under DSP Media where he trained alongside the K-pop boy group Mirae. He was also a former contestant of Under Nineteen. 

It was said that he trained for about 8 years now which explains his dancing skills in their performance videos. 



He and Euiwoong were in a duo back in 2017 which disbanded last year and now both of them will be debuting together as part of the group Tempest. He was also a part of Produce 101 S2 where he ranked at #16. 

Hyeongseop is also in a webtoon drama series called the Mischievous Detectives



Hanbin is from Vietnam and goes by the name Ngô Ngọc Hưng. Back in Vietnam, Hanbin was the leader and founder of the dance group CAC.

They are a group of dancers who covers K-pop songs and upload their covers on YouTube.

However, in 2019 Hanbin started to train under Belift and later was a contestant of the survival show I-land where he trained with the members of the rookie boy group Enhypen

He then left Belift last year and became a trainee at Yuehua Entertainment



He was a student of Hanlim Multi Arts School and graduated in 2020 under the fashion modeling department. 



Being the last member to be revealed, Bonhyuk attended auditions held by various companies such as JYP, Bighit Entertainment, and FNC Entertainment where he passed all the first round auditions. 

We look forward to their debut! Let us know if you have already picked your bias in the comments below!

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