SeoulBox Life

SeoulBox Life

Best Korean inspired lifestyle box by SeoulBox


Created by SeoulBox

Since 2019, coronavirus has made life harder for all of us. Our lives seem to go slower and everyday feels the same–like a vicious circle. We miss seeing friends and family, we miss travelling, discovering, or even just having fun at a party on a Saturday night. We at SeoulBox understood this really well. Over the past months, we have been developing a new product to allow Seoulmates to experience Korea from home. You may tell yourself that we already created the perfect snack box, and that's true, but now let us present to you a brand new product: SeoulBox Life. Seoulbox life is a premium merch box that will allow you travel to a new place in Korea every quarter of the year. A dedicated magazine will guide you through your unboxing of this special merch, created for you in partnership with our providers. You'll be able to find out previously unrevealed information about the team and how we created this whole new universe for you.

Beach Towel

SeoulBox takes you to a sweet exile to Jeju! With our amazing map of Jeju towel, walk along cute beaches of the island and immerse yourself with the emeraid ocean.

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