What Is a Korean Lifestyle Subscription Box? How to Get One from MySeoulBox!

What Is a Korean Lifestyle Subscription Box? How to Get One from MySeoulBox!


Looking for that glowing skin and sparkling smile your favorite K-drama stars have? Itching to get your hands on the cream or face mask your idols are advertising? Don’t worry, you can do that without hopping on the next plane to Korea.

No more stalling. Continue reading for more!

Why You Should Get a Lifestyle Subscription Box?

Like Korean snack boxes, you can now find many different Korean skincare and beauty subscription boxes. Some of them offer a variety of products, while others specifically offer only face or sheet masks, makeup, or moisturizing agents. They also give instructions on how to use them, and some are even customizable.

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 A K-beauty or -life box is a great introduction to Korean skin routines. There are many options to choose from, for people more focused on healthy skin or a movie-star complexion. They’re also more affordable and convenient for people overseas, compared to walking inside a store and searching for the items themselves (which are harder to find and often overpriced).

These boxes are very easy to find online. Simply Google “lifestyle box Korea.” Choose a subscription package and place your order. Within a week or two, you’ll have products to start your very own K-beauty routine.

MySeoulBox teams up with authentic Korean companies for its seasonal SeoulBox Life. The Seoulteam chooses a theme and matches items to it. For example, the Summer 2022 Seoulbox Life, “Adventures in Jeju-do,” featured a charcoal-based toothpaste by Unpa (Cha Cha Toothpaste) and a Green Tea Milk Spread by O’sulloc, a Jeju-based company.

This process and these connections allow Seoulmates to learn more about the companies and the products at the same time. If they see the items in person later, they’ll be able to recognize them and maybe buy them for themselves.

What Is Inside MySeoulBox’s Lifestyle Box?

So, what can you get in SeoulBox Life? Well, in each box, there are 8-10 goodies, including:

  • 1 K-beauty product (including Face Masks and Moisturizers),
  • 2 K-pop merch items (including Jewellry and Socks),
  • 4-5 Korean lifestyle items (including Water Bottles and Desserts),
  • 1 beautiful Seoulzine (a themed magazine put together by the Seoulteam)

Here’s what some of our customers said about their subscriptions: 

How to Get a SeoulBox Life Subscription?

A Korean lifestyle or beauty subscription box is perfect for someone new to K-beauty, unsure of what to buy or where to find something on a budget. However, not everyone can afford a monthly subscription box.

With SeoulBox Life, you can try out the box for one month and then opt to get it more frequently. The products inside are curated by the Seoulteam and are authentically Korean. By buying this box, you learn more about K-culture and support Korean companies without spending too much money!

Here are the easy steps to order the box:

1) Go to the MySeoulBox website. Click on the “Shop” menu option (top left) and select “Seoulbox Life.” You can also scroll down the homepage for the “Shop Now” button.

2) Choose from a One Time or Quarterly subscription.

3) Click on “Add to Cart” and head to the checkout. Fill in your address and banking info and whether you’d like to receive updates about upcoming boxes.

4) Wait for the package to arrive. Unbox and enjoy!

5) Feel free to leave us a review about your box: what you liked, what could be improved, and what you’d like to see in the future.

There’s no time to lose. Buy a Seoulbox Life today!


About the author: Suji was studying in London in the year 2019 and, although being separated from her family, her passion for Korea was growing. She noticed that a lot of her close friends loved Korean culture, food, music, and dramas and gradually started to fall in love with Korea, but there weren't many opportunities to actually "experience" this wonderful nation!

Suji was aware of what she needed to do to introduce Korea to her friends' lives and, conceivably, to those of everyone else who was curious about a piece of Daehan Min-guk.

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