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Korean snacks are an enormous hit amongst country, which is made popular by Korean dramas and in fact by Kpop idols as well! With a myriad of flavours available to suit different palates, there's something for everybody. Whether you’re missing out on the snacks you get when travelling in Korea or perhaps you’re just interested by the hype around Korean snacks, here are some delicious Korean snacks.


These Bagel chips come in unique flavours such as honey butter, chocolate cinnamon, garlic butter and even pizza! It taste just like crispy version of the garlic bread It is one of the most popular snacks at Olive Young. The bagel chips are oven-baked pastries made up of thinly sliced bagels. It is much lighter and taste better as it does not contain as much butter and oil. So it's recommended for people who are on diets, also as folks that are just looking to undertake a healthier option for chips. When you are feeling down from being on a diet for too long, you'll open this bag of chips without feeling guilty.


This is one among the foremost iconic Korean snacks ever with some even considering it as Korea’s national snack. The Choco Pie is easily characterised by the two-sponge cakes with marshmallow filling topped with an exterior luscious chocolate coating. Orion has released many various flavours including this sticky choco pie injeolmi a delicious treat for Korean rice cake and bingsoo lovers! Although Orion’s choco pies are often easily confused with Lotte’s choco pie’s many prefer Orion’s chocolate pies, as it’s reportedly moister than their Lotte counterparts.


The crown couque D’asses Vienna coffee wafer biscuit is the perfect accompaniment with coffee or tea. ‘Couque Dasse’ means ‘cookies from the Asse region’ in Belgium and is crammed with silky light cream which will melt-in-your-mouth. If you’re a fan of the Japanese D’asses coffee you’ll love their Korean snack equivalent.


The Korean banana milk may be a must-have when visiting Korea If you’re a lover of it, then you want to try the snack equivalent, Nogshim banana kick. However, this is often successful or miss Korean snack for several because it is formed from corn flour with banana powder and is on the sweeter side. Some wouldn’t mind the sweetness but if you favor savoury snacks, then this won't be for you.


This sweet and sour Orion Chicken Pop are going to be a winner for several. It’s full of flavour and comes in convenient bite-sized pieces. You’ll also appreciate the tiny packets as you won’t feel guilty about finishing it all directly. If you’re already a lover of this Korean snack then you’ve need to try the opposite flavour — the Orion Chicken Pop with cheese for a twist on the first flavour!

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Author - Sharon Lewis

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They sure do sound yummmy and hmm i hope it is in the next box.

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