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Best Korean Snacks to Pair with Hot Coffee

Coffee is always great to have with various snacks. It makes your mid-day tea time rich! How about pairing the perfect snack with your favorite type of coffee!  In your tea time to make the perfect match, with a cup of hot coffee and a delicious Korean snack. ☕🍪 1. NEW CHARMINGCHEESE-LEMON...

by DOKYEONG LEE January 21, 2021

Best Korean Snacks to Pair with Soda

Is there a better way to enjoy a bottle of soda during your snack time? How about pairing your favorite type of soda with the perfect snack! Soda is always good at having a variety of snacks. 🥤🍿With a bottle of soda and a delicious Korean snack in your snack time...

by DOKYEONG LEE January 11, 2021

Best Korean Snacks to pair with Makguli

Makguli may not be the very first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of Korea, but it is catching some serious heat within Korea and have been gaining mass popularity in the more recent years. Annnd! There must be sweets to nibble on where there is Makguli. Makguli...

by DOKYEONG LEE December 27, 2020

Best Korean Snacks to pair with Hot Black tea

Is there any better way to spend your mid-day tea time with a cup of black tea? How about pairing the perfect snack with your favorite type of black tea! Black tea is always good to have with various snacks.  With a cup of hot black tea and a tasty...

by DOKYEONG LEE December 15, 2020

A Story of Hong Ssangri: a Mastermind behind Scrumptious Candies in Your SeoulBox

In March, the mountains right next to the Seomjingang River, where blue waves flow, wear white flower clothes. As if winter white snow was piled up. It is a green plum farm full of plum blossoms.It is located in Tosa-ri, Daap-myeon, Gwangyang, South Jeolla Province, but faces Hadong, South Gyeongsang...

by Suji Sohn September 23, 2020

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Dried under the Sun, Pasted with the Winds: Meet the Master behind Your September SeoulBox

Bugak is a classic Korean snack often featured in the ceremonies during Chuseok season. Although it's well-known among Koreans, it was quite an adventure to put them in SeoulBox. There were two reasons behind it: packaging and deliver-ability. Its normally packed in bulk or Koreans make it at home. Also,...

by Suji Sohn September 07, 2020

Clementine Hangwa: a Fruity Delight Made by Master Chief Korea

While we're doing snack tasting one day, a snack grabbed our attention. Initially put aside as 'ground 2' as similar snack was already featured in July '19, the taste, the texture, the scent, the experience ... everything flipped the order. After writing a 5-star review, doing some background check, and...

by Suji Sohn August 29, 2020

Master Snackmaker in Korea Featured in your SeoulBox

This month's Idol SeoulBox features 4 snacks and candies crafted by masters of Korea. One of them is Kim Gyu Heun. Just be sure to keep it in the fridge for 10-20 minutes before you consume. It's hand-made, so can be gooey unless the sweet sauce get hardend.   He...

by Suji Sohn August 25, 2020

Upcoming Box: Idol

24 HOURS are not enough, we have to keep going ON and ON, and feel even more ENERGETIC after finishing an entire soundtrack. Welcome, you just met the right box: SOEULBOX IDOL. Here's the ultimate Korean snack box to fulfill your Kpop moments : SEOULBOX IDOL. Idol [아이돌; a person...

by Suji Sohn July 31, 2020

10 Best 'Dr.You' Snacks of Korea

Dr.You is a popular snack brand made through a collaboration between Orion and Dr.You Taewoo. It's a snack brand focusing on the health while not missing out on its taste at the same time.   As it's been famous for its healthy ingredients, balanced nutrients, and delicious taste, SeoulBox has...

by Suji Sohn July 25, 2020

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The War of Dalgonas: 7 Most Popular Dalgona Treats in Korea

Dalgona, a snack of memories, is gaining huge popularity.The coffee industry is introducing dalgona coffee one after another, and recently, products such as dalgona patbingsu, dalgona makgeolli are becoming more diverse. Dalgona Coffee is emerging as a new trend.Dalgona is a kind of snack made by melting a lump of...

by Suji Sohn July 23, 2020

Make Everything Injeolmi: Top 5 Delicious Injeoli-flavored Treats in Korea

In general, what comes to mind when you think of "snacks" is that they are not easily tired of or interested in sweets with a lot of sugar, dark chocolate, and caramel. Then, why don't you try to target Injeolmi Snacks, which have a healthy charm for a snack with...

by Suji Sohn July 19, 2020

7 Best Regional Snacks of Korea: Discover Korea through Snacks

Consumers are paying keen attention to the emerging specialty foods of each town, which will leave for their hometowns across the country.It is a characteristic of the newly emerging local popular foods that local companies and local governments have developed under thorough planning and faithfully captured the taste and taste...

by Suji Sohn July 17, 2020

Top 7 Korean Internet Café Snacks You've Never Seen Elsewhere Before

  Instagram에서 이 게시물 보기 피씨방에서 냠냠! #피씨방 #피씨방음식 #피씨방라면 더바더 연유🐥(@cxyx_o)님의 공유 게시물님, 2020 5월 20 5:52오전 PDT WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER   피씨방 [pissi bang; internet cafe] is where future Pro Gamers grow their dream in Korea. With over 70% of Koreans have visited 피씨방 at least once...

by Suji Sohn July 15, 2020

Editor's Pick: Top 5 Snacks in This Month's Box

This month is dedicated to gamers. For those who need something to munch on and are worry about messy keyboard at the same time, this month's Gamer's Box is ideal for you. It's full of 'No Greese, No Mess' snacks sourced directly from Korea to boost your gaming experience.  ...

by Suji Sohn July 11, 2020

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