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4 Best Kpop Leaders of 2020

Practically every K-Pop group has a leader named. Usually the leader is (though not always) the oldest member and takes on a caring and inspiring role for the other group members. They 're most also the group's spokeswoman, generally speaking first while accepting prizes, sharing news with fans, and other...

September 27, 2020

These BT21 Badges Are Almost as Cute as V's Morning Face

This month, we're in partnership with Studio 8 to showcase a super adorable BT21 Badge for our Seoulmates! Exclusive to Signature SeoulBox, this will brighten your surroundings and make your belongings extra special. Let's look into it!     In 7 different BT21 characters.    Give your eco bag a point!...

September 25, 2020

5 Idols Who Are Masters at Taking Selfies

Taking photos may be part of the everyday life of an idol, but some idols just seem to go the extra mile of course. Whatever selfie they publish, they still look pretty drop-dead! Here are 5 Kpop idols who look so amazing in their selfies that it’s almost unbelievable that they exist!...

September 21, 2020

5 Best Korean Dramas Based on Webtoon

Just like movies, often our favorite Korean dramas get inspiration from novels and other published and illustrated works. Yes, some of the most famous K-dramas stemmed from webtoons! Webtoons are a sort of online comics originating from South Korea. They are freed periodically (sometimes weekly or monthly). Naver Webtoon and...

September 19, 2020

10 Kpop Stars Who Smashed the Solo League

Although Kpop is mainly split by groups, there are idols who went solo and become successful.   1. Baekhyun Instagram에서 이 게시물 보기 baek got his wins!!! ugh i’ve looks so cute also his giggle 🥺 127 vibin w him at the back u cant see but when yuta saw...

September 11, 2020

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4 Male Kpop Stars whose Bodies as Hot as this Summer

116 Idol stars from a total of 24 different groups voted 'Ilgan Sport' for the special superlatives of this year's Lunar New Year!Each idol was given an opportunity to cast their vote anonymously. Revealing the secret admiration towards hot male bodies, this might make you binge-watch their MVs and performance...

August 27, 2020

Meet These 3 Cute Goodies In Your SeoulBox: BT21, Kakao Friends & DyDyCIty

You'll know that. Every month, SeoulBox features 4-5 super adorable goodies, including BT21, Kbeauty treat and SeoulBox merch. What will you get in this month's Idol SeoulBox? We're featuring 5 iconic goodies, but first meet these 3 epic merch.   1. BT21 Circle Sticky Memo It's a round sticky note...

August 23, 2020

Upcoming Kpop Comebacks & Debuits Aug '20

Brace yourself K-Pop fans, as the next month of August will certainly be packed with more exciting debuts and comebacks from some of the scene's most successful and trending K-Pop artists.What comeback and debut are you most excited about? Check out the list below!   Aug 02 Hong EunKi 'Flower' /...

August 19, 2020

Top 5 Female Kpop Artists For This Summer

We love singers in K-pop. We are charismatic, multi-creative and creative! Current shows are still top-notch! Their choreography, their dance performances and their catchy songs captivate us. Since there are so many amazing K-pop soloists, selecting the top 10 is incredibly difficult, but certainly the artists in the list below...

July 27, 2020

Kpop Stars X Games: They Like Games Just as You Do

There's loads of idols who love game! Can you find your ult bias here?   1. Red Velvet Yeri - Mobile Battleground  Instagram에서 이 게시물 보기 Q: Favourite Boy Group? - - - #reveluv #redvelvet #yeri #joy #redvelvetyeri #redvelvetjoy #wendy #redvelvetwendy #seulgi #redvelvetseulgi #irene #redvelvetirene #shinee #kpopfff #kpoplfl #kpop #kpopsfs...

July 03, 2020

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Kpop in June 2020: Comebacks and Debuts

June 2020 becomes extra special with lots of comebacks and debuts of Kpop stars. Are you awaiting for the long-waited comeback of Blackpink or Once upon a time listening to Twice's legend songs? It's time for you! As it's approaching the end of June, now seems to be a great...

June 28, 2020

7 Variety of Korean Cats as Cute as Park Ji Hoon

In Korea, cats are common on the streets. A lot of pet cats are those who got picked up from the streets.Today, we're going to talk about the kind of cat, the Korean short hair (a.k.a. Koshot) To find out what kind of stray cats in Korea! Largely it has 7...

June 26, 2020

Mr Trot: The Next Generation Produce 101

The popularity of Miss Trot gave birth to another program: Mr Trot. Vying for a coveted spot as trot music's next big thing, 100 singers show off all they've got to capture the celebrity judges' hearts.   Outstanding talent. Extraordinary looks. Real-life stories. 101 men have climbed to the top of...

June 25, 2020

Miss Trot: The Next Generation Produce 101

Looking for 100 people who will become the owner of 10 billion won!Miss Trot, the birth of a new concept of Trot Audition, which will add firepower to the ever-increasing Korean Trot fever and create a next-generation Trot Star.   Trot used to be a dead music genre in Korea....

June 22, 2020

Girl Groups Who Shone the First Half of 2020

Can you believe we are almost entering second half of 2020? With that being said, it means new comeback and debut that are happening soon! SeoulBox noticed that there are 10 female Kpop idol groups made their way through first half of 2020. We're quoting Korean Business Research, who has released this month's...

June 19, 2020

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