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Black Day : How Koreans Celebrate Being Single

Have you ever head about “Black Day”? It happens every year in Korea, on the April 14th. During that day, people celebrate being … single. Yes, single !As you may already know, there are two days for couples, Valentines’ Day and the White Day. Each of them happens on February...

by DOKYEONG LEE April 14, 2021

Important Korean Etiquette You Should Know Before Visiting Korea

Are our Seoulmates afraid of making an entire bunch of cultural mess? Bothered that you might insult any strangers you meet when you’re in Korea? Well, we understand your concern as Korea is a different country with strangers all around. But don't worry we got your back. keep on reading if...

by DOKYEONG LEE April 12, 2021

7 Interesting Facts about South Korea

Are You Aware of these Interesting facts about South Korea?  1. Age is Not A Factor  South Koreans are one year older in age than the normal international age. This is because Koreans consider the 9 months in the womb almost one year, so when the baby is born, it...

by DOKYEONG LEE March 22, 2021

Cherry Blossom Festivals in Korea

One of the most gorgeous experiences in South Korea is seeing the blooming cherry blossoms. The Cherry Blossom Festival is held in several different areas around South Korea, each of them celebrating the festival with a variety of activities. Here are a few of them to add to your Spring...

by DOKYEONG LEE March 19, 2021

5 Must Visit Historical Spots in South Korea

South Korea s a beautiful country where you can find the perfect balance between modern and ancient culture. If you are planning to visit Korea then these historical places should be on your bucket list.   1. Bukchon Hanok Village Instagram에서 이 게시물 보기 Hello_dongwon • 장동원(@hi_dongwon)님의 공유 게시물  ...

by DOKYEONG LEE March 16, 2021

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9 Korean Winter Street Foods Help Beat the Cold

The craving for piping hot food intensifies as winter has set in, and the local street vendors are only too happy to provide it. For years and years, the Korean winter street foods mentioned on the following pages have been popular in the country; some have even been around for...

by DOKYEONG LEE January 27, 2021

Koreans' top 4 New Year resolutions

To say the least, the year 2020 has been a hectic rollercoaster. With an excited and determined mindset, many went into the year, ambitious to complete their 2020 goals. Every year, individuals aspire to turn themselves into their greater goal and push themselves to go beyond new heights. Although it...

by DOKYEONG LEE December 31, 2020

Best Korean Snacks to pair with Makguli

Makguli may not be the very first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of Korea, but it is catching some serious heat within Korea and have been gaining mass popularity in the more recent years. Annnd! There must be sweets to nibble on where there is Makguli. Makguli...

by DOKYEONG LEE December 27, 2020

Secret Christmas Dates in Seoul

Christmas is couple's holidays in Korea. Seoul team introduces you five authentic date spots in Seoul you must check out for your romantic escape to Korea.    1. Cheonggyechon Christmas Festival in Jongno  It's a hot spot for Christmas lovebirds. Fun to see Christmas structures emitting colorful lights on the...

by DOKYEONG LEE December 24, 2020

MUST VISIT: 4 Hottest Places in Ikseong-dong, Seoul

Today, I would like to introduce Ikseon-dong, one of the hottest neighborhoods in Seoul, where the old atmosphere of Korea and modernity coexist. It is such an attractive neighborhood that there are people who have never been to Ikseon-dong, but there is no one who has been to Ikseon-dong only...

by DOKYEONG LEE December 13, 2020

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Top Winter Travel Destinations in Korea

Winter is a lovely season. While snow and ice can make traveling challenging, it can lead to incredible opportunities to visit some destinations during the winter. Korea is home to various locations in winter, ranging from festivals and scenic views to winter sports. Check this list of our favorite places to...

by DOKYEONG LEE December 05, 2020

December SeoulBox Magazine

메리 크리스마스! We are so happy to experience the winter holidays in Korea with you. Christmas is a time of sharing fun festivities with your loved ones, and it's amazing to be a part of these celebrations. We are excited for you to indulge in our festive curation of delicious...

by DOKYEONG LEE December 01, 2020

A Guide to Korea's Big cultural events

The three key pillars of Korean culture that most of us are familiar with are K-pop, K-dramas, K-beauty and maybe what sucked us into the vortex (face it, its inescapable) in the first place. Korea has much more to come, however, with its rich historical and cultural fabric. Here's a...

by DOKYEONG LEE November 29, 2020

In Seoul, 4 Cute Cafes that are great for Instagram

Cafes are something Seoul, of which South Korea is certainly not short. You can find a lot of super trendy and soothing, nice and easy ones, or you can find ones that are really special and not as popular around the world. Seoul doesn't struggle to impress with its coffee...

by DOKYEONG LEE November 17, 2020

Happy Pepero Day!

Pepero Day is celebrated annually on November 11, and is close to Valentine's Day, a festival in South Korea. It includes gifting or sharing Pepero treats, a line of cookie sticks dipped in chocolate, with the intention of showing affection to friends and loved ones. A range of flavors are...

by DOKYEONG LEE November 11, 2020

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