Sep '20: Full Moon Festival SeoulBox's Out Now!

Sep '20: Full Moon Festival SeoulBox's Out Now!

Spectating the full bright moon melts everyone's heart. This experience can be made even more special with family or having delicious treats by your side. Chuseok is a Korean version of Thanksgiving Day where relatives gather and perform a ceremony to ancestors. It's a box curated with our desire to bring this authentic Korean culture to you. With four classic Korean snacks made by master makers and a ceremonial dish, take a glimpse into the biggest holiday in Korea. Enjoy your autumn moonlight with your SeoulBox!


Snack Highlights

  • Japchae, a special dish for the Chuseok ceremony
  • Natural potato chips with a classic Korean twist. Made following the recipe carried on generations by generations
  • Tea that takes you to a calm, sauntering fall night in Korea


Goody Highlights

  • A lotus mask pack to rehydrate your skin
  • A unique BT21 item that resembles the full moon
  • SeoulBox X Arcane Funk: a funky collab! Meet the cool Korean fashion brand and discover two unique goodies!


Below is the bird's eye view of your September Signature SeoulBox!


An exciting collab is waiting for you!



Meanwhile the mag is featuring ...


어느 한국인의 추석 여행기


An authentic account into Chuseok, Korea's biggest holiday of the year


Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Today's Chuseok eve. Luckily I booked KTX [Korea Train eXpress] a week ago so I managed to secure a seat on the train. Seoul station was full of people going back to their hometowns. A lot of them were wearing Hanbok [classic Korean clothing]. The train scenery along KTX was beautiful, showing busy farmers in the countryside. My grandparents' house was already packed with relatives. Soon after foods for the ceremony were delivered (a lot of Koreans use this ceremony food delivery service). My dad and uncles brought out ceremony tables and candles. I've heard that we do the ceremony for our ancestors until 4 generations above. We also pray to the gods of mountains and rivers in our area, which is my family's little tradition. At midnight, the ceremony started. Everyone bowed and enjoyed all the dishes.


Thursday, October 1, 2020

Today is Chuseok! It is when the moon will be the brightest among the whole year. I played 

Ssireum [Korean wrestling] with my cousins. It's so difficult to stay on the ground without falling when someone grabs and shakes my waist. I also played Tuho [Korean dart game]. I hit 5 arrows inside the bucket in a row! In the afternoon I went around the mountains behind the house with my family. We picked a handful of pine tree leaves. They'll cover rice cakes in the steamer and add a fresh scent to Songpyeon [a half-circle shaped rice cake with honey filling eaten on Chuseok]. In the evening, the full moon started appearing. My little cousins were trying hard to find a bunny from the moon. According to the myth, a bunny made of jade lives in the moon and makes rice cakes under a Cassia tree. Having tried the delicious Songpyeons, I spent the night enjoying the moonlight and talking to my aunties and grandma.


Friday, October 2, 2020

It's already time to go back! I bought a Haeundae Bag [a bag made from recycled parasols from the Haeundae beach] as a souvneir.


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