SeoulBox's Response to Covid-19

Hi Seoulmates,

We hope you are well.

The health and wellbeing of our Seoulmates, employees and partners is always our top priority. We are closely watching the Covid-19 situation and wanted to take the time to reassure you that we, as a company, are taking all the necessary steps.

When it comes to your orders during these times, we are completely committed to fulfilling all orders and ensuring you receive your SeoulBoxes. However, there may be delays of your parcel as all the flights across the globe have been reduced. We have processes in place to minimize any delays that may happen. Additionally making sure that we practice safe social distancing and safety precaution in all procedures. We are working closely with our couriers to make sure you have an incredible unboxing experience and will inform you if there are any expected delays. We are taking the following actions to make sure your amazing unboxing experience:

  • Frequent and mandatory hand washing for all staff
  • Routine use of gloves, sanitizers and masks
  • Rigorous monitoring of any Covid-19 symptoms

Additionally, our entire headquarters team is working remotely.

We hope you keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and safe during this period.

Feel free to ask us any questions. We are always here for you.

Kind regards

Suji Sohn & Raj Sathi

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