Romantic Night in Gyeongbok Palace

Romantic Night in Gyeongbok Palace

Find out more about this beautiful heritage at the heart of Seoul.


Have you ever watched K-dramas and movies and noticed a stunning palace in the background? If so, it is most likely Gyeongbok Palace (경복궁). Built in 1395, it was the main royal palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Its picturesque beauty illuminates the night, filled with cherry blossoms, moonlight and a warm atmosphere.


SeoulBox introduces three essential trips to relish your night time at Gyeongbok Palace:

  • Night Tour of Gyeonghoeru (경회루)
  • Royalty Teatime at Sojubang (소주방)
  • Evening Concert at Sujeong Hall (수정전)


Gyeonghoeru is built on water and one of the most visited parts in the Palace. During spring and summer the public are given rare permission to tour inside. Special guided night time viewings are also available. Enjoy the beautiful reflection of the old pavilion in the water.


Teatime at Sojubang  is another unique event. Listening to traditional music whilst indulging in delicious dessert, the night is full of taste and style.


At Sujeong Hall, evening concerts take place during the spring season. Boost your Korean experience with a performance filled with traditional melodies, gentle dance and dazzling lights at the place that gave birth to the Hangul alphabet (한글)

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