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Reply 1990s : Sharing Lives of Koreans

April 07, 2020

Korean retro pink house

What goes around comes around. Korea is not an exception to this. ‘Newtro’ – new and retro – is an upcoming, returning trend. 1990s TV series are in demand, and reunion concerts of old bands are sold out. With us, explore 4 areas of the Retrowave: idols, styles, snacks, and games.


Just like now, it’s impossible to talk about Korean culture without Kpop in the 90s. Teens from that era were obsessed with idol bands.


They queued in front of broadcast stations and waved balloons in concerts, for their stars like Sechs Kies, g.o.d. or H.O.T. Sound familiar?


The teens led the fashion trends back then. Over-sized jackets and ugly sneakers were common. Throw on a brightly colored belt around a plus-size coat, and your outfit would be complete. As may have noticed, over-sized cardigans, vibrant sneakers, and neon colors are still in fashion in Korea now.


Snack makers also have started bringing back the so-called ‘Retro Editions' of their treats. The designs are old-fashioned, use 90s language, and feature popular characters from that period. Discover old-school Korea through 11 Retro snacks SeoulBox have hand-picked for you


We shall finish our trip to the past with a top interest of most kids in Korea: Gaming. In the 90s, after school, they started running to internet cafes and played games together, such as:

★ Maplestory

★ Starcraft

★ Diablo

★ Warcraft

★ The War of Genesis


These online games were literally everywhere. Especially, legends like Maplestory became hugely popular, ending up having 39 million players worldwide. A game like this helped lay foundations of the now big e-sport gaming industry. As a special memento, we have included a Maplestory Pog kit in your box!


There were a passion and romance in 1990s Korea.All in all, they are the memory and history that forms Koreans as how they are now.