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What is Konjac and Where is it Found?

Konjac is actually a plant where the roots of it contain starch and is called a corm. The plan contains dietary fiber called glucomannan which can be made into various high in fiber products. 

The plant is found in parts of Asia typically in the east and southeast continents which goes by its scientific name Amorphophallus konjac.

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It is known by many different names like konnyaku potato, konjaku, elephant yam, voodoo lily, devil’s tongue and snake palm

The plant is found in three various products – fruit jelly, flour and noodles.

What are the Health Benefits of Konjac & it’s Importance?

The glucomannan provides different uses and is incorporated in various supplements. Its ingredient can be found in supplements related to weight and diabetes management, cholesterol and constipation. 

Research suggests that if you combine the glucomannan with American ginseng it will be able to manage type 2 diabetes. By consuming Konjac, it will increase the blood sugar level which allows them to feel fuller for a longer period of time. 

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As Konjac contains dietary fiber, it can help with losing weight. However, it does not promote weight loss but it can help by reducing food consumption intake which will lead to weight loss. 

For high cholesterol patients, consuming 3 grams of glucomannan will improve cholesterol levels as research shows water-soluble fiber can help in reducing cholesterol levels. 

Consuming Konjac can improve your bowel movements and prevent constipation. It also reportedly helped improve constipation symptoms during pregnancy. 

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Not only that, the ingredient is found in topical products for acne which helps to improve the health of the skin. It also helps wound healing by supporting the immune system to aid the wound in healing quickly. 

As Koreans are health conscious, the consumption of Konjac is widely known in the country. Whether it is in supplements, beauty products or food, Konjac is consumed by almost 90% Korean netizens. 

Why is it Famous Among Other Countries VS Korea? 

Since the plant is found in part of Asia, other countries such as China, Japan and Vietnam use the Konjac plant for different uses. 

It is known to be a vegan substitute for gelatine. But now you may also find Konjac powder and Konjac rice that can be consumed by vegetarians as it is made organic. 

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In Japan, the konnyaku can be found in dishes such as oden. It can also be found in another dish called ito konnyaku where the konjac is made into noodle-like strips and is called thread-noodles. The Konjac noodles are used in dishes like sukiyaki and oden. 

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In the Sichuan parts of China, corm is called moyu and the jelly is called konjac tofu. They even make noodles and stir fry with Sichuan recipes. 

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They also have snacks which are battered from Konjac flour. The snack is considered vegetarian and vegan-friendly. There are three flavors for you to choose from, sour and spicy, fragrant spicy and mala flavored. 

In Korea however, Konjac is known to be in jellies. You can find them in many different flavors and variations. The Konjac diet jelly which can help you fill your stomach and avoid you from eating additional meals in a day. 

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You can also find a side dish in Korea called Nokdumuk, or in other words “mung bean jelly” which is jelly served with vinegar and soy sauce. It is quite popular in Korea so you may be able to find them in restaurants. 

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Other than food, the Konjac sponge is now popular in South Korea! The sponge has natural fibers that would not cause skin irritation. It has a rubbery texture and can be used on the face.

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Surprisingly, these sponges contain a whole lot of vitamins, proteins and even minerals that can benefit your skin! 

Where to Buy the Products?

Since Konjac sponge is not only famous in Korea but worldwide, you can get them anywhere! Beauty stores such as Sephora sell these sponges. You can also find them on Amazon for about $10! 

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Each color represents the different benefits they offer; you may pick the perfect sponge according to your skin type! 

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As for the noodles and snacks, you may find it at local supermarkets as now the market for Konjac based food is on demand. 

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Look out for Konjac in the ingredients or glucomannan.  

Since the craze for Konjac jelly in Korea has surfaced, many other types of jelly snacks or even drinks are now being sold in stores. 

If you’ve tried these snacks before, let us know what is your favorite flavor in the comments below!

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