K-pop Groups on World Tour in The Summer of 2022

K-pop Groups on World Tour in The Summer of 2022


As we now can attend concerts again, K-pop idols are now back on the road and will be performing on stage in front of thousands of fans! 


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Ateez concluded their “The Fellowship: Beginning of the End” America Tour in January. They were supposed to perform in Europe but had to cancel due to the Covid restrictions and postpone the dates. 

They have just begun their European Tour with their first show in Madrid! Ateez will be touring Europe as well as London till May! 


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As they just made their comeback with Oddinary, the boys announced their “Maniac” World Tour, which will kick off in Seoul, Japan, and North America. 

Their first show will be on the 1st of May at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul. 


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Their world tour “The B-Zone” will commence in the US at the end of May, where they will be performing in 6 different states.  

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Then, they will move to the European leg of their tour with 4 different countries and finally host their concert in Seoul, which will be held in August at KSPO Dome. 

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“Twice 4th World Tour III” began in February and ended early in March as they toured the US. The group, however, announced an Encore version for the tour and will be performing in the US once again! They sold out more than half of the venue and added additional dates to the tour. 

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Twice just completed their concert in Japan before moving back on tour to the US to fulfill their encore version of their tour!


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The boys are set to make their comeback very soon, and they also revealed their 1st World Tour, “ACT: LOVESICK”, which will commence in July. TXT will be touring in 7 states in the US, where they will kick start the tour by performing in Jamsil Stadium, Seoul. 

Looks like many other K-pop groups will be on the road soon. Prepare your light sticks and memorize your fan chants as it is the touring season!

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