Jeju is typically visited by many travelers due to its abundance in natural tourist destinations and rich culture. But did you recognize that a fraction of each tourist batch isn't after beaches and sights? These are next-generation fans of the Korean show business, in search of the foremost prominent K-drama locations in Jeju!

 On our SeoulBox last article, we had few drama locations of Amusement Park here are a number of the simplest K-drama filming locations in Jeju.

  • Boys Over Flowers:

  • Seopjikoji Lighthouse:

The elegant white building has been featured during a number of dramas, including Boys Over Flowers, and Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Seolhyun shared their first kiss here in romantic drama marmalade.

Seopjikoji Lighthouse¬†is about¬†at¬†the very best of a hill, and has sweeping views out over the ocean. It‚Äôs also¬†mentioned as¬†the ‚ÄėWishing Lighthouse‚Äô, as locals believe¬†it's¬†the facility¬†to grant wishes.

  • Legend Of The Blue Sea:

  • Maze Land:

If you’re a lover of LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA, you'll probably remember the maze hedges. It is even filmed in Jeju, a place called MAZE LAND.

Maze Land is an¬†themed park which own the world‚Äôs longest stone maze, The maze¬†is formed¬†mainly using stone and wood found on Jeju and¬†is made¬†to reflect the Jeju‚Äôs three principle items or ‚ÄúSamda,‚ÄĚ which explains the things abundant on Jeju Island: rocks, wind, and women.

  • Warm And Cozy:

  • Caf√© Bomnal:

Have you watched Warm & Cozy drama? Portraying Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang So Ra, the drama that’s now airing on MBC, has its filming based in Jeju Island. If you’re a lover of this drama, you’ll notice that the scenes are filmed beautifully with a scenic backdrop, seemingly calling us to go to the island too! 

This is a Maendorong Ttottot restaurant where Gun Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok) cooks and Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) manage’s together in conjunction with her brother. Really, this place operates as a restaurant and guesthouse that’s known for its beautiful seaside location.

  • Goong (Princess Hours):

  • Teddy Bear Museum:

The teddy bear museum was pre-owned as a filming location for episode 12 of the drama. Alfred, the¬†teddy¬†from Goong (‚ÄėPrincess Hours‚Äô).

¬†Jeju‚Äôs¬†teddy¬†Museum features historical moments, documented people and art masterpieces ‚ÄĒ all represented in teddy-bear form. Teddies range from over six foot tall It‚Äôs an entertaining¬†way to¬†spend¬†a day,¬†and provides¬†an insight into the toy‚Äôs history and Korean culture; look out for the hanbok-clad animatronic bears.


Author - Sharon Lewis

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