Jeju is typically visited by many travelers due to its abundance in natural tourist destinations and rich culture. But did you recognize that a fraction of each tourist batch isn't after beaches and sights? These are next-generation fans of the Korean show business, in search of the foremost prominent K-drama locations in Jeju!

 On our SeoulBox last article, we had few drama locations of Amusement Park here are a number of the simplest K-drama filming locations in Jeju.

  • Boys Over Flowers:

  • Seopjikoji Lighthouse:

The elegant white building has been featured during a number of dramas, including Boys Over Flowers, and Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Seolhyun shared their first kiss here in romantic drama marmalade.

Seopjikoji Lighthouse is about at the very best of a hill, and has sweeping views out over the ocean. It’s also mentioned as the ‘Wishing Lighthouse’, as locals believe it's the facility to grant wishes.

  • Legend Of The Blue Sea:

  • Maze Land:

If you’re a lover of LEGEND OF THE BLUE SEA, you'll probably remember the maze hedges. It is even filmed in Jeju, a place called MAZE LAND.

Maze Land is an themed park which own the world’s longest stone maze, The maze is formed mainly using stone and wood found on Jeju and is made to reflect the Jeju’s three principle items or “Samda,” which explains the things abundant on Jeju Island: rocks, wind, and women.

  • Warm And Cozy:

  • Café Bomnal:

Have you watched Warm & Cozy drama? Portraying Yoo Yeon Seok and Kang So Ra, the drama that’s now airing on MBC, has its filming based in Jeju Island. If you’re a lover of this drama, you’ll notice that the scenes are filmed beautifully with a scenic backdrop, seemingly calling us to go to the island too! 

This is a Maendorong Ttottot restaurant where Gun Woo (Yoo Yeon Seok) cooks and Jung Joo (Kang So Ra) manage’s together in conjunction with her brother. Really, this place operates as a restaurant and guesthouse that’s known for its beautiful seaside location.

  • Goong (Princess Hours):

  • Teddy Bear Museum:

The teddy bear museum was pre-owned as a filming location for episode 12 of the drama. Alfred, the teddy from Goong (‘Princess Hours’).

 Jeju’s teddy Museum features historical moments, documented people and art masterpieces — all represented in teddy-bear form. Teddies range from over six foot tall It’s an entertaining way to spend a day, and provides an insight into the toy’s history and Korean culture; look out for the hanbok-clad animatronic bears.


Author - Sharon Lewis

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