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BTS’s J-Hope is always known for his bright and joyful personality, but for sure there’s another hidden side of him, in a Weverse Magazine interview J-Hope opened about his other mysterious side.

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J-Hope spoke about his experience in BTS through these 9 years and he said that just like the members he went through a lot, but he is one who gets the most enjoyment out of what BTS does, and how much he learned a lot from being part of a team.

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During the interview the host asked J-Hope whether he was influenced a member of BTS while progressively changing as an individual artist or not, J-Hope then answered opening about the influence he had over his personality as an individual since he is always joyful, yet he wanted to show another side of him in his music and dancing. He wanted to show his dark & raw side.

J-Hope stated I often present myself with a sunny demeanor. So, I have a strong desire to display a different side of me. I personally challenged myself to do that in my current projects. I wanted to show an extremely dark, raw side.”

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J-Hope opened saying he figured out the stories he can tell are very limited when he expresses how people see him. He added that he has a lot of things he wants to express, but J-Hope is feeling like if he conveyed things that he wanted to say, it would have to be darker which is not what people used to see from him.

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Such things would be like what he’d passed through and the kind of emotional shadow J-Hope’s hidden side casts and if he wanted to discuss these things, he couldn’t always be light about it where he stated, That’s why I edged a little closer to a darker place, which I think allowed me to open up about my life story completely.”

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J-Hope ended the interview by saying about life that I make an effort to have a happy life according to what I’ve been given. To be honest, I tried to change a lot of things in 2020 and 2021—the many different things that happened.” He added I think a lot about how I should live my life just going with the flow”.

ARMY would be happy and would still support J-Hope If he expressed all the sides of his personality and the different thoughts on his mind whatever it is, bright, dark, twisted, etc. Everything from BTS’s J-Hope is acceptable and loved by ARMY. Find the full interview in here.

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