Introduce you Malangsoup: cute friends living in a secret forest

Hi Seoulmate!

This month, we're happy to announce a new, exciting collaboration with Malangsoup. Created by an independent design studio of Korea, Malangsoup tells stories of 4 cute friends living in a secret forest. As promised in our magazine, here's a full breakdown of them: Toto the rabbit, Dada the squirrel, Gomgom the bear, and Rangrang the tiger.


1. Toto

Toto is a rabbit living in a secret forest called Malangsoup. She loves picnic and warm sunlight.


 2. Dada

Dada is a squirrel. He is a foodie and a friend of Toto


3. Gomgom

Gomgom is a bear. He's lazy but has a really warm and sweet perosnality!


4. Rangrang

Rangrang is a tiger. She doesn't harm her friends, nor is she aggressive. She just loves cheese burgers!


For those who loved this month's Malangsoup sticker goody,


Here's 4 versions of Malangsoup illustrations: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter - feel free to use it as phone or desktop wallpaper.

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