Important Korean Etiquette You Should Know Before Visiting Korea

Important Korean Etiquette You Should Know Before Visiting Korea

Are our Seoulmates afraid of making an entire bunch of cultural mess? Bothered that you might insult any strangers you meet when you’re in Korea? 
Well, we understand your concern as Korea is a different country with strangers all around. But don't worry we got your back. keep on reading if you don’t want to create any scene that will make a bad impression on others. 
So here is an essential guide to Korean etiquette for you:


1. Respect For Elders

2. Nationalism Is Strong In South Korea

3. Shoes Are Not Always Allowed Inside while dining

4. Always wait For Elders To Eat Before You Start Yours

5. Help Others Before You Help Yourself Like Pouring Drinks For Others

6. When Receiving Anything For Other People, Use Two Hands

7. Look Away When Drinking A Shot In Front Of Elders

8. Don’t Tip In Restaurants

9. Wait Patiently In Subways Line Don't Rush

10. Shake Hands With Two Hands

11. Koreans Used to write the names of deceased people in red ink- Never Write Names In Red Ink

12. No Public Displays Of Affection- Kissing and hugging are frowned upon in Korea


    So these are the few most important points but Sadly, there are so many but ts difficult to cover all of them. More you can explore every day when you will come here.

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