How Is South Korea Adapting To The Pandemic?

How Is South Korea Adapting To The Pandemic?

Intro to the pandemic 

Since 2020, the pandemic has swept the globe and disrupted our lives. Every country has placed measures to curb the virus from spreading. South Korea is no different! Since there is no free travel yet, let's see what is turning into a norm in South Korea and look into some of South Korea's changes during these times. 

Online Shopping/ Delivery

The COVID situation brings about fear of social contact among people. With the advancement of the internet, online shopping is very easily accessible. You can easily buy anything off the internet. Online delivery includes food, groceries, clothes, etc. 

Fun Fact: You can get online delivery within one day of purchase! How fast is that!

Some of the popular online shopping websites in Korea are:

Coupang (쿠팡)

A Coupang deliveryman takes products into an apartment complex in Seoul using a trolley, Aug. 15. / Korea Times fileImage source

This website is one of the most recommended for online shopping. It is loved since there is an updated delivery time and is cheaper as compared to other websites. Most of the delivery is made the next day but is only applicable if you order before 11:59 pm KST. However, the website does not have English translation and does not accept foreign credit cards. The delivery is only available for domestic shipping in Korea. This site might come in handy if you live in Korea. 


Gmarket (지마켓)


This website can be accessed in different languages: Korean, English, and Chinese. All of the products can be delivered in Korea. Some products are available for international shipping as well. It is similar to Coupang and eBay, where you can get different products off the site. You can choose different exchange rates as well. 


Olive Young 

olivey_featImage source

Are you a fan of beauty products? Olive Young is a beauty store with various beauty products, ranging from skincare to supplements. They have global shipping to more than 40 countries. 

Worldwide shipping Website: 



Quarantines, usually 14 days, are now cut down to 10 days (every individual differs). For more updated information, please check it on the Korean immigration page. The quarantine can be done at a hotel or a self-quarantine accommodation. Korea is also easing to allow more tourists to enter to revisit Korea! Here are some quarantine videos that show how it is like to quarantine: 


Some positive words from Hallyu during these COVID times

Despite the hardships that COVID has brought to the world, people feel more isolated due to the constant reminder of social distancing. There is more home and alone time, which is also the reason to mess up our living schedule. Most of the kpop idols expressed their concern about the impact of the pandemic. Some have even spoken encouraging words for fans or expressed themselves through songs. 

Over here, Seoulbox wishes you well and safe! Please take care of yourself, and I hope to see you in Korea soon! 

Let us know in the comments where you would like to visit when you are in Korea! 


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