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BTS idols are enjoying their well-deserved vacations, and, in a way, ARMY are having the opportunity to “travel” with them.

Thanks to their Instagram accounts we can what is going on around them and how they are enjoying their free time. This time RM spent his weekend in Busan and shared with ARMY the coast of Busan and the ‘Sungsic Moon’ exhibition at Kukje Gallery.



Yes, RM’s favorite artist Sungsic Moon aka as Moon Sung Sik was the responsible of his song ‘Bycicle’ art.



More of Namjoon awesome weekend, art, food, panoramas, and a selfie on his return.



There is still no news on when they are coming back, but apparently, they are returning back to activities on March with their “Permission To Dance On Stage” concert in Korea.

Let’s hope to see them soon and keep enjoying their music!

Author: Aldo

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