Day 6’s Young K To Release Solo Album!

Day 6’s Young K To Release Solo Album!

My days get ready for a solo bop! Day 6's Young K to come back with his Solo!

As reported by Allkpop, an insider stated on August 16 that the Bassist of the group Day 6's Young K will be releasing a solo album in September this year.

Young K

Let’s not forgot this powerful vocalist is known for his impressive song-writing capacity.

Jae Park, the eldest member of Day 6 from the USA, stated in one of his twitch lives while reacting to one of the fan-made hilarious videos of how Day 6 forget their own lyrics while singing.


He stated that Young K has written most of their songs, including the hits of their band’s career like You were beautiful, Days gone by, Times of our life, and many more.

Hence, they cut the slack for Brian.

Let’s not forget that Young K never fails to impress fans!

 Back when the group debuted in 2015 with their album Sunrise and title song Congratulations, it became the parody of the heartbroken souls.

The talented lyricist grabbed the fans’ attention with his impactful rap. This shows he is multi-talented.

Brian Kang (Young K’s English name) has to date, officially registered 139 songs under his belt with Korea Music Copyright Association.

Young K

Hence, this solo album will be consisting of songs that this brilliant musician has written.

6 years after the band’s debut, My days are getting the solo activities from the boys.

Let’s keep supporting the 5 talented boys!


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