BTS wins its 54th award in 2021. Following 53 awards, Bangtan Sonyeondan wins the MYX AWARDS 2021 for the international Video of the Year with "Dynamite" on the 7th of August as their 54th award in 2021. The Philippines holds the MYX Awards. MYX Global posted their congratulations to BTS on their Twitter account, to which BTS_official responded, being honored and thanking the "Army."


Which is the fanbase of the Kpop group for voting for them. The voting took place over the MYX website, Kumu and Twitter, and fans voted once every day. Promoting the poll, multiple army fan websites, for example,, posted links to increase the chance of BTS winning, obviously successful. The voting ended on the 18th of July at 11.59 pm PHT, and until then, enough Army's had voted to make BTS pass by Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, and Justin Bieber.BTS is the only Korean group of artists to win an award in the MYX. It is also their third year in a row to win the international album of the year, starting with "FAKE LOVE" in 2019, continuing with "Boy with Luv (ft. Halsey)" in 2020, and now with "Dynamite" in 2021. Let's see if they can keep up with their streak at the MYX AWARDS 2022.



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