Black Day in Korea - Is It Singles Celebration Day? Know Everything About This Unique Holiday!

Black Day in Korea - Is It Singles Celebration Day? Know Everything About This Unique Holiday!


What is Black Day in Korea? 

Have you ever heard about “Black Day”? It happens every year in Korea, on the April 14th. During that day, people celebrate being… single. Yes, single!

You must’ve heard of Black Day if you have heard of White Day! Since Valentine’s Day is mainly for women to express their love and White Day is for men. Women offer a gift to their boyfriend, and the following month, men will return the gift. That leaves a day meant for single people! 

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During Black day, both men and women who have no partners will meet up with friends or family for a day out together. 

How Did Black Day Start? 

It started when Valentine’s and White day received their recognition. Since the two romantic holidays were celebrated by many and became a trend, Black Day was invented. 

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The name of this holiday is to describe the pain and sorrow single people go through as they do not receive gifts during the other two holidays. The color black represents the darkness single people suffer from. 

As in the past, most people would spend the day mourning their loneliness, but in the modern days, most people look at it as a celebration. 

How is Black Day Related to Valentine’s Day and White Day? 

Valentine’s Day and White Day is celebrated as a holiday on the 14th of the month and is only a month apart. Black Day, however, is also celebrated on the 14th, which is in April.  

How do Koreans Celebrate Black Day? 

In the past, Koreans would wear black outfits and enjoy black-colored dishes, especially Jjajangmyeon. This dish is also known as black bean noodles and is highly popular in Korea during Black day. 

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Single people would meet up with friends and enjoy a bowl of Jjajangmyeon. Most restaurants would take advantage of this day and offer promotions to these people. Not only is the dish delicious but also very affordable. Therefore, it is the perfect option for single people to enjoy. As Pepero is a famous snack for couples, Jjajangmyeon (짜장면) is the food eaten by singles during Black Day!

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In addition, instead of Jajangmyeon, cafés are known to be packed during this holiday as coffee is also black (if you do not add milk)! Spending the day with your close friends and chatting about their single paths is one way to celebrate Black Day.

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Besides that, many restaurants host Jajangmyeon eating competitions and various other activities during this day. Matchmaking businesses are also known to be highly profitable during Black day. 

What is the Significance of Black Day in Korea? 

As it is not considered an official holiday, many still recognize and celebrate Black day. Even if it was celebrated as a day of sorrow and mourning, Black day focuses on self-love and care. 

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Many single people may feel the pressure to settle down due to societal pressure, which means being single is a no-no. But in the modern days, Black day plays a role in single awareness, which brings light to people who are not in romantic relationships. 

Looking at it as a celebration reduces societal pressure and ensures that it is okay not to be in a relationship. Black day also allows single people to socialize with others and get to know more people as they realize they are not alone. 

What is 짜장면 (Jjajangmyeon)?

It is a dish made from black bean paste mixed with soy sauce, meat, onions, and vegetables. Jjajangmyeon is a Chinese dish served with Chinese noodles made from wheat. 

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This dish is popular on Black day and on every other day as it is one of the most popular noodle dishes in Korea. You may find different versions of Jjangmyeon in restaurants all over Korea.

As it is really famous and one of the non-spicy dishes that you can find in the country, you will almost find one restaurant in every city that sells it. So, don’t forget to try it when you come to Korea!

If you are interested in trying but aren’t living in Korea or waiting for your dream travel, you can make one on your own! Just follow these simple recipes.

Recipe 1 

Recipe 2

Or find instant Ramyun with that flavor!

We find this day very exciting as we can embrace our loneliness and have fun with others! I will be enjoying a cup of coffee on Black’s Day this year.

Let us know in the comments how you will be celebrating Black day this year! 

Author: Estella & Morgane  

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