Top 4 Recipes by K-pop Idols to enjoy your late night cravings

For their rigorous workout routines and intense diet plans, K-pop idols may be well known, but that does not mean they don't know a thing or two about delicious, often carb-heavy, eating as well. These idol-shared mouthwatering recipes are not ideal for those who are aware of their health or are careful to watch their weight, but they will certainly fill you up and satisfy your next craving late in the evening. Best of all, most of them are made quickly and require little ingredient. 

NCT’s Chenle – Special ramyun

You're probably familiar with adding extras such as eggs and cheese, if you're a fan of instant ramyun, but have you tried adding tomatoes? How about Lao Gan Ma (a sauce made with Chinese chili)? This upgraded ramyun recipe requires both, creating an interesting flavor that is shockingly good, according to Jisung. Another suggestion from Chenle is to try to mix your egg throughout the soup, as opposed to leaving it whole, although it's fine either way. In order to get the taste just right, he insists that being precise is important, so be sure to accurately measure your water!


CLC’s Eunbin – Jack Skellington

This "recipe" is almost more a trick than a treat because Eunbin talks about the 150-year-old jam of her grandmother and the knife of a vampire. Even it is worth sharing with Halloween coming up. Besides when you watch Eunbin make her Jack Skellington masterpiece, the real names of the ingredients (spoiler: the 150-year-old jam is actually cookie butter spread) should be pretty evident. Maybe this recipe would even encourage you to come up with a spooky dessert of your own!


Apink’s Namjoo – Spicy stir-fried pork wrap pizza

This recipe is a unique fusion dish created by Namjoo as part of a meal prep kit, which takes the cheesy, chewy goodness of a pizza and wraps it up as part of a spicy stir-fried pork wrap. Sadly, this meal kit is no longer available, but I’m sure it’d be possible to create a decent approximation of this meal just using the list of ingredients from the video below. So go ahead and try this recipe; you never know, it might be even better for your own version than the pre-packaged one!


GOT7’s Mark – “Mark Meal”

Does a cup of ramyun, spicy rice cakes (tteokbokki), sausage, and cheese really go wrong? This recipe was technically made by an Ahgase, but it is safe to say that this quick, affordable, and downright mouthwatering twist on convenience store ramyun is Mark-approved given the number of times Mark has recreated it on TV. As an added bonus, the video below shows the joint Ahgase menu of Mark and Youngjae as well which is like a creamier version of the Mark Meal that also includes dumplings.

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