From Iteawon Class to K-pop songs in Halloween Versions – you might’ve missed the Halloween twist in the Korean entertainment world. 


The daunting festival has always been presented in Korean movies, dramas, and even in the K-pop world an insane number of times – sometimes hilariously & sometimes horrifyingly!

However, looks like it may have slipped from our minds. So, here we are bringing it back and refreshing your memories with it.

Let’s get scared or laugh together, well, who knows!?

Iteawon Class 


The moment Park Seo-Royi walked into the Iteawon station and Soo-ah questioning him “Have you been to Itaewon before?” – we knew the place is something worth visiting. And it turned out the area is heaven for foreigners in Korea.

Filled with the rush, people’s chilly vibes, amazing food, bars, and restaurants – the sublime place has everything to it.

This is something that makes it elegant and special to celebrate Halloween.

Itaewon Class Halloween

As Soo-ah expressed Halloween, “It feels like you’re in a foreign country”.

It certainly does!

In short, Iteawon Class showed us the real & very scene of the spooky festival when Park Sae-Royi went to meet Oh Soo-ah.

So not worth it! 

A sitcom has been brought to screens in Korea after so long, so clearly So Not Worth It had high expectations. And they did it fiercely and hilariously.

From its multicultured cast to laughs, it is worth watching.

Not only that, but this is an absolute delight to K-drama lovers. If you have not hopped onto it, we would not spoil it for you.

K drama Halloween

Let’s talk about the Halloween clothes these crazy friends wore. Carson was the Joker, Hans was Toshio, Terris was Chucky, and Minnie was a ghost. They did this all to terrify their cowardly-cat friend from Australia, Sam.

Got7 Hard carry & Halloween special “Mafia” game 

Talking about variety shows, they are the heart of Korean television. If you are looking for fresh new content and a lot of giggles, always go for Korean variety shows.

GOT7 Halloween K pop

K-pop groups are the most celebrated people on these programs. Their faces are extremely familiar to viewers, just like how Hyeri (Girl’s day) and Key (SHINee) used to feature in ‘Amazing Saturday’.

They are in charge of creating enormous laughter and connecting with the audience with their relatable personalities. 

GOT7’s Hard Carry was just another K-pop variety show wherein they dedicated an episode totally to Halloween wearing freakish outfits and completing hilarious tasks assigned to them like making Frankenstein, and many more.

GOT7 Halloween K pop

Jackson turned up as Mario and to go with him was Mark as Luigi. While the leader Jay B was Bart from Simpsons and Jinyoung was Lieutenant Yoo Shi-jin from Descendants of the Sun. Lastly, Bambam and Yugyeom were Dracula and Minion respectively.

They really did pull off the combination of adorable and freaky costumes.

Apart from that, one of the games that describe the real horrifying season feel is the Mafia game. This is popular in both K-pop and Halloween which GOT7 played in the special episode of dispatch.

If you are looking for big chortles, do not miss these videos.

K-pop songs – Halloween version edition! 

It especially has displayed a lot of dance performances in Halloween faces. It gives a different perspective to viewers with a festive sense to it.

However, as we know “Big laughs and K-pop go well together”, we might be watching hilarious dance performances rather than scary ones.

If you know this crazy world of Korean popular culture then you know this makes absolute sense.

A few examples of dance performances are BTS, Monsta X, GOT7, Itzy, and many more.  

So, you came back watching these acts? 

Are you still laughing or does this trick-or-treat scare you? Check out our Halloween-themed October box!


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