4 Must-Haves from Korea for Your Mental Wellbeing

Here are 4 items for mental wellbeing trendy in Korea! Want to try one for yourself?


1. Bed tray

Feel too lazy to get out of bed but cannot give up a cuppa, snacks, and vlogs? Grab the best of both worlds with a bed tray. Super popular in Korea


2. Air Fryer

Air Fryer is a must-have for foodies in Korea nowadays.

From cheesy corn bake to juicy Kimchi BBQ, Koreans love to put everything into the machine. An exclusive tip for Seoulmate: upgrade your Chocolate Chip Rice Cake Cookie! '180°C for 3 minutes' is a magic spell


3. Bluetooth Projector

Turn your room into a cozy cinema with a mini beam projector! Streaming your choreography playlist or binge-watching Kdramas? Its widescreen will make your experiences much more colorful and vivid


4. Hot Pack

While you're waiting for the spring, a hot pack is a perfect remedy for cold hands. It'll warm up your heart as well


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