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Save the date as Hybe Labels announces their original stories collaborating with Webtoons to be released early next year. 

Hybe Labels Webtoons

The announcement was made through their corporate briefing that was released on Youtube. Whilst explaining the future plans of the label, one of them would be the release of Webtoons.

A short teaser clip was played during the briefing and Hybe’s General Manager Shawn Hwangbo explained the synopsis of each original Webtoon story. 


He also explained that since the early days, Big Hit has been telling stories through their music. The artists develop into the character of a particular story which is used to tell us the story of the song. 


As shown in their artist’s music videos how each song has its own story, which will no longer be limited to the syntax of “music” but adapted into a story form and expanded beyond imaginations.


These Hybe webtoons plan to generate its unique Intellectual Property (IP) that showcases richer content through these original story contents.  


By doing so, it will create synergy between the artist, music, and content that will allow fans to enjoy and immerse themselves in their music.  


Through this inherent story that associates both characters and narrative, 

Hybe has the idea to cast various artists from the label to appear in the original stories.


Four original stories through the form of webtoon and web novels will premiere in the year 2022. HYBE webtoons will be showcased through the Naver Webtoons platform. 


Without further ado, the first series to be released stars the global boy band, BTS with its title 7 Fates: Chakho which is set to release on January 15th, 2022.


BTS  7 Fates: Chakho

Revolving around the urban fantasy genre, this HYBE webtoons is an original story inspired by the Chakhogapsa, Beom who are tiger hunters of the Joseon Dynasty.



The story is recreated by reinterpreting the stories of Beom in mythology and the traditional Korean Beom tales. 


Hybe collaborated with BTS in the making of the story to create a dynamic story of seven boys who grew up together through trials and misfortunes. 


Following after, on January 16th, 2022 the original story Dark Moon: The Blood Altar featuring rookie boy group Enhypen will be released. 

Dark moon will be released as a series and is the first chapter in the Dark Moon series. The story narrates the chemistry unfolded as vampire boys meet a girl with a secret. 

Enhypen Dark Moon: The Blood Altar

The friendship between them and the werewolf boys sets the ambiance of an urban fantasy mixed with teenage romance. 

The Blood Altar has a combination of a heroine with strong abilities, youth, friendship with a dash of mystery that breaks the typical stereotype of a typical teenage story.



The next original series is titled, The Star Seekers featuring Tomorrow X Together and will be released on January 17th, 2022.

 The Star Seekers

The story is based on the growth of boys who live as an idol group through the genre of fantasy, where magic and reality coexist. They one day wake up and realize their magical abilities and face the secrets surrounding them. 

The battle against imaginary creatures and magical performances will create interesting stories through the world filled with fantasy. 

Stay tuned for The Star Seekers as the series will convey empathy and comfort to the younger generation who worries about their future.



Lastly, the final original webtoon Crimson Heart will feature a girl group where the release of the webtoon is not revealed yet.

This HYBE webtoons will tell a classic story about coming-of-age girls which takes place in Refugia, a controlled city completely cut off from a magical land run by the Blue Fireflies. 

The story unfolds as the girls find a mysterious old book and a red necklace in a library which takes them on an adventure to a peculiar world to find the Island of Blue Fireflies. 

It is rumored that the girl group will debut from the second season of the survival show I-Land which Enhypen debuted from. 

We are extremely excited to see the upcoming girl group!

I am so hyped to enjoy this webtoons and will make sure to have my SeoulBox snacks ready!


Author - Estella and Aldo

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