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About a month ago, Trainee A released a video on their YouTube channel which shows the process of their journey as a group to debut. 

A-road is the title of the content created by BigHit to show us the honest side of creating a debut group. The content offers real feedback from producers and footage of the boys' training. 

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In episode 1 of A-road, the company revealed that the seven of them are in a debut candidate group that will debut in 2022. However, in the process of evaluation, a member can be removed from the group if they do not meet the requirements. 

Therefore, we can understand that the members of the debuting group are not final. 

After the announcement was made, the boys were interviewed by staff and gave their honest opinions on how they felt. 

Jihoon mentioned that he is feeling worried and had mixed feelings after hearing the news.

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Sangwon was previously in a debut candidate group but did not make the cut, which he reveals he feels somewhat dull as he has been in this position before.

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James revealed that he was in a debut candidate group before in a different company but did not get through and was removed from the company. He believes that he should work harder now.

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Leo also said that he was in a debut candidate group before, that he didn’t feel the sense of shock when the news was brought to them. 

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JJ said he doesn’t feel like it is real yet but is happy and will work harder now.

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Woochan believes that the formation of the group is a good thing but he is worried about how seven of them will work together. 

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In the process of the debut evaluation, fans will be able to see them prepare for their monthly evaluation. As mentioned by one of the staff, they are utilizing a new debut preparation plan where they will be evaluating them through choreographies and songs produced by the members themselves. 

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After every assessment, they will be given honest feedback by performance directors, producers, and coaches. This program aims to prepare the members for when they debut, the company wants to ensure each member's talents can stand out.

A member of the company stated that the group will be able to tell their stories through the songs and choreography that is produced by them. We believe the debut group will be self-producing idols. 

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In episode 2, Leo mentioned that it’s their first time working together as a group. They are required to produce their songs and even write their lyrics. 

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During their December evaluation, the members of Trainee A produced a song titled “Hula Hoop” and choreographed their performance using the song “Blame by Bryson Tiller”



A clip of the members doing a photo shoot wearing all black has gotten the attention of many netizens. 



It seems that they are doing a profile photoshoot. 

Watch A-Road now!

Episode 1 

Episode 2

We look forward to more content from the boys! 

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