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K-pop boy group Tempest made their debut on March 2nd with their album titled “It’s Me, It’s We”

During their showcase, the group announced their fandom name and revealed their first dedicated fan song “to YOU.”

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Hyuk expressed the reason why he chose “to YOU” as his favorite song, saying the lyrics leave inspiration in his mind and are dedicated to the fans who have waited patiently for their debut. 

Their fans are called “iE” which describes the eye of the storm and is a correlation to their group name Tempest which in other words means “typhoon.” 



The group’s leader Lew, explains that since iE is the eye of the typhoon, he would always want their fans to be with them.

During the showcase, they each revealed their charms and their positions in the group.

Lew is the leader of the group and is also from the maknae line. He revealed that he led the group through practice when they were trainees and the members listened to him well. 

Hanbin, who is the eldest member of the group is the main vocalist and has the brightest smile! He said that his charm will be his smile. 

Hyeongseop is a passionate member who is also one of the vocalists of the group.

Hyuk is the main vocalist of the team, he showcased his vocals by singing one of their songs. His vocals are heavenly!

Eunchan, who graduated as a model major, is the tallest in the group. He says his charm is his long legs. 


Let us know your feelings to this fan song 'to YOU'!

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