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Honestly for a while I just didn't pay attention to seventeen, or bother to listen to their songs, I'm not really into many of the new groups. But now in the span of less than a week, I've memorised their names, watched every single live performance they've ever done, every music video, dance video and so on. THEY ARE JUST SO DAMN TALENTED. I was in awe when I saw one of their first live performances (of Pretty U) and just couldn't believe how well they were singing live, and how AMAZING the dancing was. They work so well as a group BUT every single member stands out in their own way. They're just so naturally charming and the way they control that stage is just phenomenal... not one single person is a "weak link". And the fact that some of the members are involved in the song production and dance choreography is the icing on the cake!!! My fave group has always been Infinite because of their amazing songs, brilliant live performances and their synchronisation when dancing. I love seventeen for the same reasons and now they've become one of my absolute favourites. They deserve all these wins and so much more :)

- Elvis A.J

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